670g Automode kicking me out in 110s overnight...fix?

My 670g repeatedly kicks me out of automode during the night when I am running in the low 100s, and I have to wake up and put in new BGs at least 2-3 times a night. Has anyone else found a way to stop this from happening? I’m exhausted and over it…

What kind of glucose meter are you using? Before I upgraded to the 670G pump, I was using the 630G pump. I had a lot of problems with the sensor because I was using a cheap blood glucose meter that used inexpensive strips. If you’re not using the Bayer Contour meter, I would suggest trying that for a while, and make sure you perform a calibration (while in auto-mode) right before you go to bed.

What message does it give you when it kicks you out? Does it say “minimum delivery for two hours?”

“Minimum delivery for two hours” means auto-mode backed off on your basal delivery to try and prevent a low blood sugar. If you have no insulin in your system, you will begin to get keto-acidosis, even if you blood sugar is not high.

I’m using the Bayer meter, and I’m also calibrating right before I go to bed. @Zale, It says “minimum delivery for two hours” but the value on the pump (like i mentioned before) will be around 115 or 118. Even last night when I calibrated right before I went to sleep at 10, it woke me up at 2 not for a BG for automode, but for a normal calibration. And then asked for another one at 7am. Is it a problem of the pump not trusting the sensor? because when I check it, the number is generally around the same thing. It’s sad, but I’ve taken to silencing all alarms overnight, plus when it starts vibrating in bed, I just enter the value it says on the screen already, because when I check is basically the same thing! (maybe just off by a point or two).

The pump has a protective feature where if it’s either on minimum or maximum delivery for longer than a certain period of time it will require you to enter a BG to confirm that your real BG matches the reading of the CGM.

It’s annoying, but if your CGM was off by 100mg, then cutting off your basal for a long period of time can potentially cause DKA. Medtronic and the FDA don’t want to take that chance, so after two hours of no delivery they will require you to confirm that the CGM has a correct reading or you get kicked our of auto mode. (Same goes the other way around. Max basal can cause hypoglycemia)

Random “calibration required” can happen for a variety of reasons. I see it happen when the pump “suspects” that something is off with the CGM.

Last but not least, ideally your pump shouldn’t be on minimum basal for long periods of time. Are you still in your honeymoon stage? If not, are you bolusing before bedtime?

Ashley, how much insulin do you use per day? You can check in options>history>summary>choose a number of days>TDD

I was so tired of the beeping and not sleeping through the night…I switched to Dexcom and pens and loving it!