670g Auto-Mode basil rate

Been a type 1 for 33 years, just got back on the Minimed system after a long hiatus from pumps. Work 12 hour hospital shifts at night, which don’t always leave me a lot of time to play around with diabetes stuffs.

My issue, in nights I’m working at around 9pm my BS always raises to 170s on auto mode regardless of my 5pm meal. Doesn’t happen when I set the basil rate only when Auo-Mode chooses my micro boluses. I see it usually gives me a capped amount of .12 or rarely .125 units for a few hours, then asks for a BS for running at max. Then it runs at nuthin for 4+ hours (BS slowly going down, includes 11pmish mini meal) and asks again.

Doesn’t happen during days I sleep at night. Basically wondering if there is a trick to tell the pump it can give me .14 or .15 instead of capping me at .12 since I suspect it would solve the issue. I know the answer in prolly no but popping up to 170s for hours on end leaves me feeling Ill all night.

There is no way to directly increase your micro boluses. The only controls you have in auto mode are carb ratio and active insulin time.

There are likely two possible issues and four possible solutions. Issues: 1) the pump takes weeks, months or forever to become confident enough to give you adequate micro boluses; and 2) auto mode consistently turns micros off immediately after you bolus for a meal.

Solutions: 1) wait longer when possible to eat after your dinner bolus; 2) consider a split bolus if your dinners are high in fat or protein (give half of meal bolus before you eat and the other half 30-60 minutes later); 3) talk to your doctor about changing your carb ratio at dinner to account for the lack of micros immediately after a bolus; 4) summon all of your patience and wait for the pump to figure your evening situation out, by avoiding lows, resisting the temptation to enter carbs without eating them, and giving a correction bolus when your active insulin drops towards zero but your BS is above 150.

Hopefully, the maximum delivery alarms will subside with time. That seems to happen for most users (including me) that have commented on that issue. Best of luck!

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i actually just posted about my 670G, would love to hear what you think etc.

The medtronic 670 has way too many alarms for me. I don’t get the one for too high at max delivery for too long often. I usually get one for at min delivery for too long at least twice a week. This one drives me more bananas than anything. There have been times where my sugar was stable at 100 for few hours due to exercise etc and an alarm will go off saying at minimum for too long. It’s even woken me up at 2 am to tell me my sugar has been good for too long. I’ve only been using it for about 5 months, but in my experience the software running the 670 g feels more like an alpha test, not even at the stage of beta test