2nd aniversary of being diognosed

This is now my second year since being diognosed with Type 1. Doc says I am still honeymooning and that I dont need to take any insulin or meds right now. My a1c is low 6's. I guess I am lucky so far? I am 35 now. I completely changed my diet and excercise habbits when I was diognosed and feel the healthiest I have ever been in my life!


Anyone else have similar honeymoon experiences?


thanks for reading!

A 2-year honeymoon seems unusual, but I'm not sure what is medically possible.  Like I've menitoned in past posts, your case may be LADA 1.5 diabetes that is a slow developing form of type 1 more common in adults.  

Whatever is going on, enjoy it and I hope it lasts forever!  Take care.