28 years

I’ve been diabetic 28 years with little complication, diagnosed at age 8 with 2 shots a day treatment up until 2002 when I got on the insulin pump! New to the site hoping to gain some friends?

I suffered from diabetes when I was 9 in 1955 in Taiwan. I never had a good medical care for 46 years until 2001, Kaiser allowed me to have an insulin pump and I got free style to measure my blood glucose. Before 2001, my HA1c is in the range of 8.9. After 2001, it is in the range of 7.1-7.5.

I have no diabetic complications in the past 61 years. As a medical scientist, some T1D with 5,6,7 or 8 auto-antibodies against many different organs in the body. But all T1D has a common anti-islet antibody. I hope that I am the T1D with only anti-islet antibody with other auto-antibodies which might explain some T1D with very little or no complications. I believe that 35% T1D has only one antibody so I am over 70 years old without any complications and live in a good life. Dr. Stephen S Yu, stephensyu@yahoo.com 415-244-6215

Hello JPainter45, I hope you are doing well with your type 1. It is good to hear that you have very little complication. I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. I took one shot of animal insulin each day for many years. After 71 years of type 1, I do not have any serious complications. With good diabetes management your life expectancy can be almost as good as it is for non diabetics.

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hi @JPainter45, 1979 for me I was 13. Glad you signed up and I hope you like this site.

All T1D patients has anti-islet antibodies. However, some with many other auto-antibodies which cause various degree of complications with time. If you have only anti-islet antibodies, then you chance to get complications is very low. These people’s medical condition has very little or nothing to do with diabetic control. To T1D with many unknown auto-antibodies in additional to anti-islet antibody, then complications will happen and control of blood glucose might play a role.

God Bless you Richard, hope you are doing well!

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Thanks for the information, so is it your belief that having multiple auto-antibodies is the big reason for cirulation problems, nerve problems, amputations, kidney disease, eye sight trouble? Honestly I would like to know more if you don’t mind sharing?

Hi JPainter. I thought I would chime in with my experiences. I have been Type 1 Diabetic for 49 years with very little in the way of complications (maybe just a small amount of neuropathy in my feet). But, I also have two other autoimmune disorders–Hashimoto’s (or hypothyroidism) and celiac disease. I have never heard of what Dr Yu is saying, and that has not been my experience. (Unless I am simply misunderstanding what he is saying.) I have always been told that the tight control of my blood sugar is the reason for my lack of complications.

Be careful to select a doctor, never get one with Kaiser Hospital.

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Never tell you doctors that you have memory problem. Those uneducated doctors would report you to DMV to suspend your driver license. I am 71 with 55 years of T1D without good control - never measure blood glucose until I was 56 when I got free style glucose meter. But I feel as if I am 35 with good healthy.

But those uneducated doctors who intended to suspend my driver license made me extremely SICK. I drove one year without driver license. Finally I got my driver license back.

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In All, Ask your doctor if S/he would report you to DMV for memory problem, low sugar or any diabetic complications. Even I participated a brain research study, that uneducated doctor wrote me DMV to suspend my driving license due to he misdiagnosis with unrelated disease. All he wants to do is to let all diabetics without driving licenses - I went through all these mad world

Hi I’m 25 from Los Angeles. Diagnosed when i was 9. Sadly haven’t been able to lower my A1C. Hoping to also make new friends.