You're pancreas is going to run out!

My grandma always believes everything she reads, and even though her husband (my grandpa) was diabetic she has all sorts of theories about how I should deal with it, and what I should do. Some of them are just old ideas that held true for my grandpa when he was still alive, but others. . . well aren't. One day I was eating a lot, which is fine since I'm on a pump. My grandma has always had something against me eating whatever I want, whenever I want. (she does it too my sisters too, but not as much). So this day she decided that she had read about people eating too much and wearing out their pancreas, so she yells at me. Rebecca! you're pancreas is going to run out! I started laughing and then said, but grandma, my pancreas wore out years ago, I'll just refill this one.

Hahaha :D

Refill it...hahahahaha, that's so funny :D

Oh wow, my grandma is EXACTLY the same.