Why do people make fun of me for having diabetes?

So I told my friend that it was my "diabetes birthday" last Sunday. She said, "Oh, did you guys eat gluten free cake?" I was so offended! Back when I was on injections I was made fun of for leaving class because I was "shooting heroin" when I really had to go take my insulin. Now that I'm on the pump, someone makes fun of me for wearing that too! I can't help it! seriously people..

I know how you feel! I was diagnosed when I was home schooled. When I started going to school again, another person in my class (a guy) had Diabetes. I was thrilled to not feel alone but then it started going around that we were "hooking up" when we left class to go test and bolus for lunch...... my science teacher flipped out on someone one day because he joked a little too loud, and we had a few long discussions about it :P People are stupid and you have to ignore what they say. I read an awesome saying the other day, "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it." Ignore the stupid people, true friends will support you in this fight. And never ever pass up celebrating your D-day! It celebrates that you never gave up and you are strong enough to continue fighting... and there's nothing wrong with some celebratory cake ;) I have friends that will bring a Diet Dr. Pepper to parties just because she knows I won't bring one and there probably won't be diet drinks there. Find friends that lift you up and let you know that just because you have diabetes, you're no different! And the shooting up jokes: I learned that saying it myself, "shooting up" became a joking thing and helped me not be so sensitive to it. I'm here to talk anytime girl! :)

Alyssa gives good advice.  Surround yourself with good friends and have a sense of humor about your D.  I was diagnosed before kindergarten and dealt with diabetes my whole time in school.  Never had a problem and all my friends knew if I started acting weird to give me a coke or some candy.

I always get called emo cause i have scars and stuff from my sites and finger pricks, i just laugh with them or ignore them, most of them are just doing it cause they don't know it can hurtt your feelings and cause they think it's funnyy.

People always look at me weird and stuff in school because of my pump. Or they will flat out ask "What the heck is that thing?" really loud so everyone hears. Or they will like run away from me yelling because my finger is bleeding. Stupid people.

When i first got diagnosed people made some rude comments like saying that i had an abortion because i was gone for a week and half. I never wanted to go to school after that. Of course on top of that i bruise soo easily that my injection site that i get bruise so people make fun of me daily, but i got to the point where i just joke along with them, I loook at it like i only have to deal with these people for soo long that one day it'll be over. When it comes down too it i just blow it off. What really helps me is that my teammates are always looking out for me, i swear their like my parents but then again im glad they are there. You should just surrond yourself with the people that care and dont judge you for it..

Hannah M

Don't listen to them. These people are uneducated and they are thinking diabetes in the since of type 2. They think it's your fault for getting this it's not your fault. Don't listen to them. Sorry if I have typos I'm doing this from my iPad. My best friend that I have known since kindeegarden who got diabetes before me helped me.

some people call me diseased and avoid me because they dont want to get it. Then when i prick my finger they call me emo or vampire.

Dont listen to them they are uneducated people and ignorant I'f you need anything just ask

Dont listen to them they are uneducated people and ignorant I'f you need anything just ask


I go to an all-girls school and I’m made fun of for what I eat. They look at my gluten free bread and say it’s disgusting. I’ve had a girl take my food out of my hands and throw it around the classroom. It was thankfully cheese so I didn’t get a hypo. I’ve had girls I don’t know even call me out on eating salad!

Don’t listen to them everythings going to be alright. Most of them are jealous we’re stronger than them which is true. I know its hard to do but just do things to make them forget about your diabetes. Now is the time to show off that eye popping talent that each one of us has. I use to get picked on for diabetes, but if someone throw me a insult curveball, I throw it right back cause I don’t play. Next time one calls you out for diabetes, show them up. I had a similar problem with people thinking I was dating someone I wasn’t because we were both sickly people. But everytime they’d say hmm goin to see your boyfriend I’d say I SURE AM and walk off some would laugh some would be stunned and speechless. Bottom line is we’re all in this together and next time people talk about gluten and salad just stand up and be like do you want some because you can definetly have it. Be my guess because I got all day and diabetes will be with me every minute. It isnt mean until u have to get mean start off assertive then aggressive then take it from there if its still escalating. These are things I did when I was younger, because I’ve had diabetes since I was 7, but everyone is different so find your own peace with people. WE can do it.

Try to ignore it or do something to distract you. I have been called a druggy, or i am “shooting up to feel good” people are dumb and/or mean. Its good to have a “diabetes buddy” someone who understands diabetes and always help you remember to check your blood and other stuff. That person will help you deal with people who call you out

People don’t understand what it really is sometimes. I explained to my friends what it was, how it was caused and what I have to do to treat Type 1. Sometimes explaining in more detail helps!

Most of my friends are really supportive, so I’m really lucky, but there are some who, no matter how many times I explain it and how it works and everything, still try to get me to take insulin because I say I feel low, or don’t invite me to parties because I can’t eat cake, gluten or sugar or whatever they dream up, or think my pump is pumping my the contents of my stomach out (like they do to people who are really drunk and get alcohol poisoning or something). It only shows me how much they care about me…