What to eat T1D without always taking insulin shots

I am a 26 year old male. I was diagnosed with T1D last year and have been trying to keep my life on track. Currently I take insulin shots (using syringes) with every meal I eat. Sometimes I feel hungry in the evening and do not want to inject myself for every snack. Are there any snack foods which I can eat without taking the insulin? Also, is there a strategy to keep my hunger cravings to a minimum.



It sounds as if you are on the right track, congratulations!

What I eat in the evenings often depends on my BGL and on habit. I can understand that you don’t want to take any more needle sticks than necessary; I know that in the year before I started pumping I recorded 1<488 injections and after 60 years using insulin that means lots of ouch.

I like vegetables so when wanting to eat without additional insulin I go for raw veggies; especially when I’m at a pre-meal social activity with a buffet. Particularly “healthy” are things like raw broccoli, carrots [but not too many of these] cherry tomatoes, etc. Celery sticks can be filling especially if stringy, and have absolutely zero carbs unless you eat a tremendous amount.

Good luck!

I certainly understand the desire to not take yet another shot. Anything without carbs would be a good choice - beef jerky, sugar free jello, cheese sticks, veggies and humus. For the cravings, make sure that you are eating plenty of protein and fat with your dinner to slow digestion. (Consider seeing a dietitian if you aren’t sure.) If the cravings are unbearable, and your A1c is decent, maybe ask your doctor about Symlin. With T1D you not only lose insulin, but also amylin. Without amylin your stomach empties faster and you get hungry faster. Symlin is an amylin replacement.

Most cheeses and avocado are snackable without insulin. I can eat nuts between meals or at night, they have a few carbs but I haven’t needed insulin with them (you may want to experiment). Beef jerky, etc

I agree, hard cheeses and avocado and veggies are good. I think it is also a good idea to check your BG when you feel hungry. It could be your long term dose is too high and making you feel hungry. Worth investigating.

I recently decided to go with a whole plant based diet to help manage my diabetes. I have had nothing but great results, the amount of insulin I take each day has dropped more than 50% (bolus and basel). I suffered from the “dawn phenomenon” for most of the time I was diagnosed with diabetes, evry since starting this diet I wake up 90% of the time in the morning witha perfect BG value. I’m still surprised every day. I eat lots of carbs with no high’s. and I don’t worry about my night time snacks, because I always wake up with a good number.

Great job in thinking through what might be the best way to control your blood sugars. What you can snack on will be very individual based on trial and error and your particular insulin requirements. I eat a very low carb diet and find that I have to give myself insulin for vegetables, nuts and meat - not as much as for grain based foods but still they are not bolus free. Cheese, avocado are pretty safe for me in small quantities. Good luck and just know that everyone is a bit different.

timwooten–I know this is an older post, but I just saw it today. My nutrition coach also recommended that I go to a whole plant based diet. Would you mind sharing a general idea of what you eat each day for each meal? Thank you for your time on this–I’m trying to stabilize and any help I can get is truly appreciated!

I typically start my day with a bowl of steel cut oats either plain or I add some fruit (raisins, blueberries, peaches or what every is in season) Lunch is usaully something like a salad with chickpeas, a noodle dish with lots of vegetables or some type of rice and bean/lentils dish. Dinner almost always starts with a salad, sometimes thats all I eat, but I do enjoy cooking so I like to experiment with new recipes. I really like the website https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com. Her Sweet Korean lentils are my simple weekday go to recipe. I don’t shy away from carbs, but I try and make sure I mix in some sort of plant based protein. I always have a smoothy on the weekends with chia seeds. My favorite is frozen bananas, blueberries, cashew butter, coconut milk and chia seeds. Taste like a PB&J. Hope this helps.