What are the advantages and disadvantages (if any) to going to the pump for a 5 year old girl?

my grand daughter is 5 years old and is being considered for a insulin pump...does anyone have any feedback on if this is a good idea or not. how about some success stories about a pump?


How is her conrol right now on injections?  Do you know if she has lots of highs and/or lows?  Do you happen to know her latest HbA1c?  Does she test her own blood sugar and administer her own injections willingly?  Does she know about the pump and has she expressed any desire to try it?

Children her age, especially after they have a couple of years of experience with injections and have obviously passed through their honeymoon phase, can do extremely well on a pump. If, on the other hand, her control on injections is excellent and she willingly take them, one might question the reason to mess with success.  The only other consideration in my opinion is whether or not she herself has expressed a desire to try pump therapy.



I am getting ready to start my 5 year old daughter on a pump.  I am also a little worried but I am hoping this will help her blood sugars be a little less wild and crazy.  I have been assured it is a great idea but I am a mother and I will always worry.

wow, good questions paul, i will have to look more into her feelings about it. she does go through lots of highs and lows which does worry me. she is in the emergency room as i write this with an out of control ketone level. but i will talk to her about the pump because i do know that sometimes she becomes very sad when she has to take a shot. so in reality the pump does seem a good way to go.


thanx for the reply,


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