Weight Watchers and Type 1

Has anyone ever tried weight watchers?  How was your blood sugar following this diet???

i followed weight watchers in high school almost 10 years ago. i also started exercising more, so my bgs ran low at first, but after i figured out how to adjust my insulin, i was fine. i was on a pump at the time, so it was pretty easy to keep my bgs in check. initially, until you figure out how your body will respond, check often. after that, i wouldn't anticipate too many problems :o)

Thanks for the info.......I am eating my stress and I need to get into a bathing suit by the end of June.  Have you tried any other diets and been successful as far as losing weight and managing blood sugars?

My sister is T1 and did Weight Watchers.  She had a lot of lows at first because the diet reduces your carb consumption.  I remember her telling me about waking up low one night and eating an entire container of ice cream.  She ended up reducing her total daily units by about 20%.  She lost 20lbs.   I think you're okay with WW as long as you use an accurate carb:insulin ratio and consider reducing your basal slightly.  Good luck!!

Thanks!  I figured I would have to adjust because of the reduction in carbs.  I take shots, but I use an insulin carb ratio.  I was on a pump but it didn't work out.  I am looking forward to seeing some results!

I did weight watchers in high school and my blood sugars were fabulous on it!  Since I was doing a lot more portion control and measuring of foods I was able to count exactly how many carbs I was eating and give the appropriate insulin for it.  I'm on a pump, and increasing my exercise while watching my food intake carefully made me need to decrease my basals dramatically.  

At first, you will probably run into some lows, so don't feel bad about needing to eat to bring your blood sugar back up.  Once you level things out, your blood sugars will probably be improved a lot.

I also lost 20 pounds on weight watchers- good luck to you! 

Thanks for the encouragement......my husband and I want to try it!