Weight loss and work outs

I’m overweight. I have tried diets and exercises and when I do they either don’t work or add weight. Right now I am eating 1 or 2 meals a day and total they might at up to 900 calories and I haven’t lost anything. And when I mix that with exercise I some how manage to gain weight. Im guessing it’s tiny bits muscle ( I’m a 17 yes old boy) but the keg just sets there. I tried 21 day fix and it “worked” I got down to 147 lbs but I had multiple lows a day, at least one seizure a week and I gained the weight with interest in about 2 months. Help I’m broken lol.

@Toad.27 hi Elisha,

insulin is a “growth hormone” and so it has been my observation that the more insulin you inject, the bigger you get. I have no idea what your carb intake is? your total daily insulin? your height? your level of activity?

so it sounds like, at 900 total calories and no weight loss, you may have an endocrine issue. I urge you to seek out and go to an endocrinologist as there are many reasons why you could be experiencing this. everything else you’re going to get on a forum is a complete guess.

there are many type 1’s that have insulin absorption issues, thyroid issues, issues around liver glycogen dumping, and the list goes on. please go see a doctor. good luck, and check back in.

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