We just found out about our son

We found out 3 weeks ago that our 11 yr old son has type 1.  This came a a huge shock to us, because out of the 3 of them he eats the best.  He is actaully still in the hospital with some toer problems now.  He is on a vent and also seems to have something else called C.A.P.S. a blood clotting disorder.  We have been on the most awful roller coster of our lives and its not even close to being over.  We have not had much time to think about the diabetes part of it, but as i sit in his room with him and wait for the drs to do there daily rounds i needed to take my mind off some of the other things going on.  So i was lead to this site thanks to a google search.  I am here all day with him until his grandmother comes to take over in the evening.  We are so greatful for all the loving people around us that are praying and wanting to help us out.  Im so glad i found his site to help us get through this


I am sorry to hear about your son.  My daughter was diagnosed a year and a half ago.  She was 7 at the time.  She did not have any other complications and it took such a toll on our lives in the beginning.  I could just image what you and your family are going through.  I am not familiar with the blood clotting (does it come from being diabetic?).  This is a great website for just venting or asking for personal experiences.

Having to deal with my daughters diabeties was a struggle in the beginning.  It felt as though life will never be the same.   That changed quickly after she was put on the pump.  She wears an OmniPod.  We are very happy with it.  I am sure once you get the other issues you are dealing with under control you will feel overwhelmed with diabeties (school, playdates, sports) but believe me it gets easier. 

Your son will learn from you.  Do not hold him back from handling the diabeties himself.  Explain to him everything you do from counting carbs, to how to give himself shots, and having him describe to you how he feels when he is low.  If he is aware of these things it will make your life and his much easier.  My daughter was put on the pump 2 months after she was diagnosed.  The best thing ever.

Read and read some more.   But it comes down to your son and yourself to know what works best for him.  Everybody is different.

Before you know it it will be second nature for him and you. 

Wish you all the best.