Wake up Sweating

Hey, so I am newly diagnosed with T1D, and for the past week i’ve consistently woken up sweating. I know if your blood glucose levels are very high, a symptom can be sweat, but my numbers are constantly around a 130 range. It’s not hot in the place that I sleep, I was wondering if anyone else has this or has had this happen to them? Is there something that I don’t know about?

Thank you!

Hi Connor @Connord14, welcome to TypeOneNation and welcome to your new life living with TypeOne diabetes. Living with diabetes isn’t as “bad” as some people think but it will cause you to be more aware of your body and lifestyle and can actually lead you to a longer and more productive life. For instance, I’ve outlived many, many of my “healthy” high school classmates.

Now to your question: for me, being awakened by nighttime sweats have usually indicated that my BGL [Body Glucose Level] is extremely low and/or dropping very quickly - and I’ve had more than 60 years living by using insulin. You indicate that your BG is around 130 [a very safe level] when you awaken - are you VERY certain that the spot from which you are getting your blood is clean? The safest method for cleaning the finger is with soap and water, or even just clean water.

good luck to you.

Hey Connor!
In my experience, when I wake up sweating, it’s typically a sign that I’m low. Oftentimes when my CGM wakes me up with an “urgent low”, the first thing I notice is that I’m drenched in sweat. You say that your levels are around 130, which is interesting… maybe they’re dropping very quickly?

Hello Connor,
As others have suggested sweating is often a sign of a low. If not using. CGM, it’s worth trying to select a night where you can wake to do some blood tests throughout the night? You could be dropping whilst early sleep due to miscalculated bolus for meals/snacks, however the basal given overnight is allowing your to blood heighten? Short acting insulin can start working very swiftly in your body about 10-15 if injected, but can take up to 3-6 hrs to finished working. As a BTW, when I have a drink too, if non carb drink, it seriously lowers my Bg. Speak to you Dr, he may suggest eating something like a cheese stick before bed, it helped me when I had lows during the night whilst using injection pens. I now use a pump.

Good luck!

I do that all the time! Usually due to dropping really quickly. I’m on a cgm and it agrees with everyone else who replied! I got it because I drop very quickly and guess when! When I’m sleeping! Very worrying!