Vitamin D deficiency

Hey guys,
My son (T1D, 11 years old) was dx in June of this year and we just found out that he has a stress fracture in his leg. The doctor’s did blood work on him and found out that he has a vitamin D deficiency. I did some searching and noticed that this is common in folks with Type 1. Anyone else have experience with this?

Hi @lucyinthesky827 Lucy, I get a yearly vitamin D check as part of my regular thing and I take a supplement when it’s low, which is about every other winter.

Hi, I have struggled with low Vitamin D for years. The only thing that my body has responded to is a daily dose of 3 drops of Vitamin D oil, I use the 2000 IU strength, I buy it at Whole Foods. It works like a charm for me, I get mine checked twice a year. I am a large adult so your child would natuarlly use a smaller dose, but I hope you will try the liquid. It has no flavor or taste, I drop them under my tongue and have a swallow of juice in the morning. Good luck with this! Carol

Hi @lucyinthesky827 Vitamin D deficiency is common in people suffering from Type 1 and 2 Diabetes both as he is just 11 years old, I cannot suggest any specific supplement. I would advise you to consult your GP and check if your son can take Vitamin D supplements.
At the same time make sure he gets his natural intake of Vitamin D.

Thanks for your advice, all. He’s already started Vitamin D supplements and gets plenty of sunshine, at least in the summer months. What I REALLY want and didn’t ask is some assurance for this scared, new T1D mama’s heart- are his bones going to keep fracturing?

hi @lucyinthesky827 Lucy, I suppose the question to ask the doctor is along the lines of: What is an assessment of his current bone density? Rickets/Osteoporosis? or is the issue of his fracture random and coincidental to the mineral deficiency, or as a result of? Then treatment and correction strategies can be made. I’m not a doctor, but I think that bone density improvements can be made and the prognosis for
kids with deficiencies are generally good. good luck to you and your son.

Your son is going through some major growth right now, which means his growing bones are more vulnerable. My son (diagnosed T1D at 16) broke both wrists in a matter of a year when he was 14. I started him on whole milk for better calcium absorption and vitamin d supplements and he’s been good since (he’s 20 now). Hope that gives you some peace of mind - I know they can look at X-rays and see what the growth plates look like which is a good indicator of bone vulnerability.

Lucy, @lucyinthesky827 Vitamin D deficiency may or mat not be related to diabetes, but “thinning bones” or endometriosis is not uncommon for people with longer term diabetes. A few years ago the endocrinologist I was seeing [yes, I’m pushing 80 and have had diabetes since I was a teen] had me go through the bone density x-ray and found that my bones are good, but thinning. I have been taking a Vitamin D tablet [now] two times every day and appear to be doing fine.
All my life, I have been a milk-drinker and currently have at least two 8 oz. of milk at least twice every day - Vitamin D has been added to pasteurized milk for the past century in the USA. I have family, without diabetes, who have osteoporosis, so in my eyes diabetes may not be the cause of ‘lower than normal’ Vitamin in my blood.

You guys are THE BEST! Thanks for being so supportive.

Hi Lucy,
Both of my kids have T1D. They both at one point or another have been diagnosed with low vitamin D. I find that it’s always during the winter months and usually with some Vitamin D supplements it usually does the job.

Vit d in many studies is tied to diabetes. And prevention of it. They’re not sure exactly but if u go to pub med u can look and read very good studies. Def get vit d up. The recommended daily allowance is to low in general and your number should be around 60