Hi All,

I’ve had T1D for 36 years and I’ve gotten pretty insulin-resistent. The weight piles on, no matter how well I eat or how much exercise I get. I’m starting Victoza tomorrow and wanted to hear about other people’s experiences. It was a toss-up between Victoza and Invokana, and my endo didn’t like Invokana as much. I’m starting out slow, only .6ml a day, for about a week, just to get my body acclimated.


Hi @danteaman. I was on Victoza for insulin resistance for almost three years. I was severely insulin resistant (my carb ratios were back to where they had been when I was 9 months pregnant - 1:2) and I just could get my A1C back under 7 where I’d been for years.

The first few days on Victoza, or after an increase in dose, I didn’t feel bad, I just didn’t feel like eating. Maybe a little nauseous. ? Then, it’d get better, although I didn’t eat as much as I had previous. Weight came off (nice side effect!) and insulin requirements went back to what they had been a few years previous (carb ration = 1:10). A1C came down under 7. It was great.

The weight started to come back in the past 12 months or so. (we are talking 10 - 12 lbs, nothing huge for me)

Then I got lazy with taking the injection every day late last year. And I forgot to take it a few days, then a week. Insulin needs did not go up. BGs stayed ok and A1C was still under 7 at my last endo. I ended up stopping it.

I have my endo appt in a few weeks I am going to ask about a new drug in the same class as Victoza called Bydureon that is once a week injection.

Thanks @katie.clark.

So I found a couple of articles about this drug and its effects on T1Ds. One’s a blog entry from 2013, and one is a synopsis of a study, posted in 2014. Pretty interesting stuff, and very positive outlook on the use of this drug! Here’s to hoping!

Hi, I was wondering if you were still using Victoza? My A1C has been going downhill for the past three years since I had my daughter and my doctor gave me a trial of Victoza that I started last week. I am a little nervous about all of the warnings published with the medication and also about going low, but I do wear a CGM. I am also Type 1 (diagnosed 22 years ago at age 17).