Type 1 Diabetics- Natural Disasters

With everything going on in the world. It is hard not to think about how Type 1 Diabetics prep for natural disasters. It scares me to think about . But , does anyone have any ideas?

I like to keep extra supplies, even if that means buying a box of infusion sets/cartridges/sensors from Amazon or eBay. You’re not supposed to buy I make an exception for medical care (and doing so has helped me on occasion of there was a snafu with delivery). If you use a pump it’s good to have pens for backup and guidance on how to use the long acting insulin.
As for being able to get to it, you do what you can.

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I keep on top of things and usually have a couple months supplies at my house. I also have a working kit that contains about 2 to 3 weeks of materials in a small messenger bag. I use this kit to replace my infusion sets, sensors and everything else. This bag fits in the front compartment of my backpack which comes to work and on trips more than a couple hours long. (Daytrips and such)

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If there is a longer-term disruption, those of us who use higher-tech systems are going to have problems. In case of that happening, I intend to go back to injections. In addition to insulin, pump, and CGM supplies, which insurance won’t let me stockpile, I keep a supply of syringes and test strips. If there was any advance warning, like with forest fires, I would buy Walmart OTC insulin to use with syringes.