Tubing spooler

I was searching for something in Amazon and - gadget queen that I am - came across this product to wrap that extra pump tubing around. I know it adds bulk, but if you frequently snag on things that might be a tradeoff. I’ve seen a similar product called a cable turtle that is much less expensive (and the smallest one wraps up to 3 feet) but it looks like this one comes with a clip. Just sharing in case you want to check it out for yourself. I have not tried it and there are only 20 reviews (3.7 stars) as I write this.

Doris, that’s a neat device and idea! I don’t use a tube pump, so don’t know how it would be vice using a shorter tube. The downside is it’s one more thing to carry around, the plus side is it might prevent “catches” and “gotcha’s”; I can see the benefits.