Trialnet results

I was just wondering about the test that Trialnet offers. Did most of you with a child that has a sibling, parent, or close family member with Type1 choose to have the test done? How long does it generally take to get the results and should I expect them by mail, email, or will they call me? I sent my daughters off 2 weeks ago and of course 14 days has felt like an eternity.

Hello! I’m just reading your post. Not knowing if you have received results yet. When we first did our TrialNet testing our results took almost 3 months and they called us. The results came 6 months after my oldest son was diagnosed. My husband and I both were negative, middle son had 1 of 5 antibodies, youngest has 4 of 5. . . 5 years later youngest has just recently been officially diagnosed Type 1.

I hope your results came back better than ours. But it is what it is. A little bit easier than the first diagnosis.