Traveling/ID Card

Hi everyone, 

I know this has probably been covered a bunch of times already, but I'm too lazy to look around for it!

I will be traveling a bit this summer and was wondering if any of you travel with a Diabetes ID card to get through airport security.  Is it necessary to have one?  If so, anyone know a place I could get a plastic one for my wallet...seems like it'd be a good idea just to have one traveling or not...



For travling you can just get a letter from your doctor, and take a prescription from like test strips aswell... i'm not sure about the I.D  stuff, 

but i have traveled overseas and stuff, and sometimes they don't even catch your handbag with all the needles! hahaha.

I have travelled extensively overseas and in the US, and I have never been pulled to have my bag checked because of syringes/pen needles.  I have also never made a big deal or mentioned I have diabetes. However, I do carry a letter from my doctor outlining all my medical supplies.  No one has ever asked to see it.

Good luck travelling!

Hi Allen,

I also travel quite a bit overseas and within the U.S.  Just as the others before me, I have never been asked for any Medical I.D. or doctor's note.  However, I do carry a doctor's note with me at all times.  I also have a cardboard fold-up wallet insert that came with my glucometer in which I can list my meds, dosage, doctor's info, & emergency contact info.  I just carry this with me at all times because you never know who will be knowledgeable in case something should happen when you are not around people familiar to you.  But, I have never had to pull this out, unless I have to update the info on it.  :oD 

The only problem I've ever encountered with traveling and diabetes was with my fashion Medical ID bracelet.  (see my post under the group Traveling With Diabetes:

Best of luck and have fun!