Travel in high altitudes with CGM & pumps

We are traveling to Peru. My husband has a Dexcom G6 and a Medtronic Guardian (not being used as a hybrid closed loop) Does anyone have experience with these working in high altitude? He has been a diabetic for 51 years and in great shape and control. We have traveled the US, Europe and Asia and all has worked great. We heard high altitudes could be an issue with the devices or even carb absorption. Thanks so much

Hi Karen,

I had asked my endo this question the first time I had to fly anywhere. The high altitudes are not the problem; it’s the getting to them that is. On a flight, I suspend my pump at takeoff and landing, and put it back on once we are in the air or on the ground. It has to do with the pressure affecting the pump, and possibly giving out extra insulin. I also do the same if I am going on a rollercoaster.

Interesting question. I also fly pretty regularly and haven’t noticed a major shift, but those that are insulin senisitive I see could notice even a minor shift. I guess better safe than sorry. We talked last year about going to Peru. My cousins went and loved it. Let me know what you expierenced. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to think of altitude and pressure.

Karen. My daughter and I are planning on going to Peru with a class trip. What were your experiences? Did you have problems with the Medtronic pump? My daughter actually has the guardian. We were using Dexcom and still have some of the supplies. Did it work for you? Did he have problems knowing the difference between hypoglycemia and altitude sickness?
Sorry so many questions.