Travel Case for 670G and Sensor Supplies

I’m looking for some advice from frequent travelers on the best case, if one exists, for carrying about a two week supply of pump and sensor supplies as a second carry on.
Quick calculations show I will need to take approximately 8 infusion sets and reservoirs, 5 Guardian 3 sensors, 2 boxes of test strips (100 cnt), and associated serters, insulin, etc.
I was thinking a case that would fit under the seat, as I will have a full carry on.
Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Daniel @Mahondg, check with your airline and find out what SIZE and how many carry ons you may have. Always carry on your medications, don’t freeze your insulin in a cargo hold.
As you must know, people with TypeOne diabetes are permitted to carry on board additional, specific items for management of their condition. To utilize this “privilege”, you must clearly announced to TSA personnel “I have TypeOne Diabetes and I’m carrying medically necessary medications and supplies”. You may need to repeat this several times and “medically Necessary” is what you reply to the “why questions”.

This is all spelled out in the TSA training manual and very good information as to what you may carry is on the JDRF website [] and the American Diabetes Association site []. Always carry more than you think you will need.
In my carry on bag, I have a print of the TSA page - I used it for airport “refresher training” on time.

@Dennis, thanks for the info.
I’ve traveled quite a bit with my pump over the years, so TSA things aren’t an issue. This is the first time with the new to me 670G and the insanely large packaging and inserter of the G3 sensors, so I was primarily looking for a case that would fit everything.

I recently traveled and if there is Medical in a carry on it didn’t count as one! That was on Delta!

I have never had a problem with carry-on supplies as long as they are packed in a separate bag. I always bring test strips, lances, etc. in their original prescription packaging. I put the insulin in an insulin cool carrier but bring along the packaging as well. I warn the TSA that these are diabetic supplies so they don’t freak out over backup the syringes. At the gate, I just tell the agent that it’s medical equipment and I’ve never had a problem there. Just make sure to pack a lot more than you need. My travel issues are three (1) getting the TSA to honor my pre-check status since my CGM (and replaced joint) often force me into the non-precheck line; (2) sometimes the TSA insists on patting me down regardless; (3) the biggest issue is that if the flight is long, insulin that I take with me and bring back seems to be “off,” as if it has lost strength. I’m in that situation now and I have to crank up my basal and bolus by at least 10%.