To switch or not to switch Medtronic to Dexcom?

I am running out of patience with my elite. Recently it has missed lows in the 50s and hasn’t alerted me. I have had the 530g Medtronic pump for almost three years and am waiting for mine to hit the 4 year mark so I can switch to the newest Medtronic model. My dilemma is should I switch to the Dexcom CGM now? When the sensor works it is great, but there is too much error. I also don’t have much real estate and I think that is another reason the enlite doesn’t work for me. I only hear good things about Dexcom. To switch or not to switch?

hi @jm1977, one thing to consider might be your insurance. I am only allowed to spend on the bigger ticket items about once every 2-3 years or I face them not covering my DME.

if you are changing to the new closed loop system with medtronic anyway, make sure a dexcom purchase doesn’t limit your options. if not, then get both. cheers and good luck

I can’t answer your question but I can tell you what my experience has been with Medtronic 530G vs Dexcom G5 + Omnipod.
I was using Medtronic and the Enlite sensor seemed wonderful but I got frustrated with the pump tubing getting caught on everything (I have two small children).

I wanted to switch to Omnipod and so there would no longer be any benefit to staying with Enlite if my pump was changing. I decided to switch to Dexcom after participating in a market research group with other T1Ds and hearing them rave about the difference between the two.

The difference is AMAZING in my case. The tracking is SPOT ON. When I calibrate it’s more like 5 points off instead of 20 or 30 or 40 off. The FDA has recently approved dosing based off the reading of your Dexcom sensor. I don’t know if the same can be said about Enlite - that’s something to look up.

I also have no idea what the new Medtronic system is like, as I was on the 530G. I just figured you’re wanting a collection of others’ experiences so I thought I’d share mine.

Most importantly though, check with your doctor and insurance!

I’ve been using the Dexcom for just over a year (with an Animas pump)…a few months ago I decided to try to Medtronic because I was excited about the closed loop system coming up. I only used it for about 3 weeks before sending it back. Besides not being as accurate, the Medtronic wasn’t comfortable to wear and was a pain to insert! The Dexcom is SOOOOO much easier–in every regard! And is definitely more accurate. Maybe if you don’t mind wearing/inserting it you’ll feel differently than I did, but I didn’t like it at all. I was also frustrated with how far off my sensor readings and finger checks were. One night I had multiple alarms telling me I was under 50 but when I checked my finger prick said 200! As Magdasaurus said, my Dexcom calibrations are often spot on. If not, they’re super close and/or the sensor corrects itself instead of giving you an error and then you having to re-calibrate.

I think the Medtronic has some good abilities so I may possibly try again one day, but the few weeks I used it were more of a pain than a benefit. My personal opinion is if your insurance will cover it, go with Dexcom!

I’ve heard amazing things with the G5 (I’ve been using the G4 because it is the only thing approved to be used with the Animas Vibe and am about to dump it for the Guardian 3 Medtronic sensor with the 670G because the G4 is utter trash). What sensor are you using? I’ve heard god-awful things about the Enlite 2 which ships with the 630G.


The New sensor that ships with the 670G is awesome. It is on par with the Dexcom and always for me very close. That being said, I have heard horror stories about dexcom being WAY off for them. So I think it is dependent on the individual. Research states that the new guardian 3 sensors are the same as the dexcom. And those sensors are approved for dosing, as the new pump uses the SG numbers to dose basal. Now, if you prefer to not be tethered then wait on the Omnipod and see what they come up with. I hear they are working on a hybrid closed loop system similar to medtronic in the near future. maybe you can see if you can participate in a study? Worth looking into.

This week, I took a leap and started the process of to get a Dexcom sensor. I won’t be eligible for the latest closed loop system pump with Medtronic until 2019. The Enlite has been great when it works, but all too often it hasn’t worked for me. The amount of time it didn’t work outweighed any benefits so I’m switching. Thank you for your feedback. It helped me make my decision.

First a disclaimer: I have never purchased a MM/M Product since their first ‘hyperbole’ and mistreatment 20 years ago. I do keep an open mind an look at their current product every 4+ years as my current pump expires warranty. I just never saw or believed the ‘hyperbole’ to feel the need to choose them. Now as to Dexcom, I choose them in 2009 and got the System 7+ which was OK but when I upgraded to G4 I was more than impressed. My A1c’s started improving and the Hypos started decreasing. Dexcom is a fantastic product and really fufills it’s promise.

I have a tandem tslim x2 and I LOVE IT. I switched from animas before they closed. I find that the dexcom is way more accurate.

I have been using the G5 system for 2 years and recently received the touch screen receiver. I love them both. I test 3 times per day for the first day, then twice a day until day 6 or 7, then back to 3 times a day. I can reset the same sensor for another 7 days, but I have to use an adhesive for the sensor to hold. After 10-12 days, the sensor becomes less accurate (probably because my body is healing the insertion spot), so I insert a new sensor. I have to keep my stomach shaved, but it is a small price to pay. The combination of the Dexcom and Omnipod has helped my eliminate any high levels (over 300) for over 3 months.