To call or not to call

Yesterday Sarah and I talked about allowing her to make more of her own decisions. This started because at her daycare they were having a special treat (hotdogs and chips) and she wanted to partake, but wouldn't until she talked to me and I was in a meeting so she couldn't reach me. I told her that in future it was fine to figure out the carbs and go ahead and give herself insulin and have the treat. I didn't want her to think that she has to talk to me every single time she wants to eat something and miss out on stuff just because I'm unavailable

So... last night we talked a little bit about what she was going to have for breakfast (because Auntie brought Conchas which are like 60 grams of carbs and she wanted half of one with her breakfast), and how many units of insulin she'd need. But she never called me this morning to report her blood sugar and confirm her dose. I finally called around 9am thinking maybe she'd slept in, and her big sister informed me she'd already dropped her off at daycare and she (big sister) had no idea what she'd eaten or what her blood sugar was or how much insulin she'd taken.

My dilemma - I want her to become independent, but at the same time, I want to keep close tabs on her to make sure she's healthy. My first instinct was to call daycare and ask her for the "report", but now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't. The daycare always has her call me at lunch, so is there any harm in just waiting to see what her lunchtime blood sugar is? Her numbers have been really good lately. I think she hit 200 only once in the last couple of weeks and mostly she's been between 90-140.

She's probably fine, but I also don't think it would be discouraging to call since this is a "first time" sort of deal.  I'd just treat it more with a tone of, "How did it go?  Were you confident deciding on your insulin dose?  And your BG turned out OK?"  That way, it won't sound like you're asking for a report.  :)

But at the same time, if you're going to talk to her about her numbers at lunch, that should be fine.  She's in a safe place with adults who know what to do if she goes low.  And you discussed her breakfast and insulin last night, so she had your help plannning ahead.

She just called for lunch, and she was 103 - so looks like she did just fine without my help. I'm glad I decided not to call...

:)  Glad to hear it worked out!

YAY!  I bet it felt good for her to successfully test/bolus/eat all on her own.

It sure did. I am so glad she's taking so much responsibility for her diabetes. Hopefully she will continue being so responsible during her teens!

Wow, the kid must be playing hard today! She had a Sloppy Joe and 1/2 apple for lunch, only 1 unit of insulin (she was 103), and two hours later she's at 60. Her daycare is making smores so she's using that instead of apple juice. We're just going crazy with the new experiences today...

So a few minutes ago her daycare calls to tell me that she tested 1/2 hour after the smore, and she went from 60 to 250. Because she hadn't had any insulin since around 11, my first instinct was to give her a unit of insulin - then I remembered someone on here talking about handwashing and wondered how much marshmallow she'd gotten in her blood sample. She washed her hands and tested again, and was at 131.

Gotta love kids and their amazing hygiene!