Tired of My Elder

My elder has not cared about my condition from the get go. Now, ever since I’ve been put in the hospital, my elder is jumping down my throat due to the fact that his parents/family are getting on his case, wanting to know this and to know that at every second of the day.

I’m tired of it and I just want to run away. I can’t take this! I’ve been through enough and getting attacked by my elder each and every day is making me despise my condition. Help!

Also, this elder is very controlling and mean.

Who specifically is “your elder”?

My father. @angivan

As a former kid with diabetes, and now an old fart that has the same problem let me give you a little bit of advice. My father( who is still alive by the way) seemed to unconsciously blame himself for that affliction, somewhere in the best of all possible worlds his DNA combined with my mom’s would not have created that problem in the first place.

So now your dad going to work extra hard to make sure that you are “trained” correctly so that these complications which inevitably will arise don’t show up. I have to think that a lot of it is just guilt and that he’s blaming himself for doing this to you. I know that logically this has actually no credibility, but logic is nothing to do with human emotion. So don’t take it so hard the fact that he cares, things he does Now proves that he love you and wants you to live with this affliction. it would be a lot worse or off if he didn’t care at all.

Mike Frye old guy with type I