Tips for Moving to a new city/state?

I've been thinking ta lot lately about moving to a new state...the only problem is...I have no idea how I would take my "betes" world with me. I'm still on my parents insurance for the next few years and don't know if I could still be on their insurance living in another state. Any tips for that?

Also, I would be nervous finding a new doctor in a new state. I love my doctor and think I would be so picky trying to find a new one. Any tips for that one?

Any help is of course much appreciated. Thanks guys :)

I'm going to be on the same boat soon.. 

But first off, sometimes you have to try new things for some other things to work out. I would check and see if you were to move to another state if the insurance would still be there if not then try to figure something out. (not sure what i mean i am only 19.. -insertsadfacehere-)

Second, you might have to ask around in the city you go to for a good Doctor. (once you get there) Though it might take some time. But you might end up finding a really good doctor. (my doctor is leaving in june.. so i'm going to have to see how the new one goes...)

But life is full of experiences, so go out and enjoy the new state and most importantly enjoy your life. :) (sorry if i literally helped in no way... Those are just the things i would try... x:)


Thanks...I too, am only 19 so I'm trying to learn as I go. hehehe. My plan is to look up endos in the area I want to go and call around. I'm sure that they could answer my questions. :) I'm nervous though, going somewhere brand new and being around new people that have no idea about my gift. hehehe. But life is full of learning and I will never know the answers to my curiosity unless I plunge in and give it a try, right? Thanks Jared :D

Yeah i wish i could go out of state, but money wise i'm not going very far.. SO i will probably just go to a Bigger town. But definitely ask around! And no need to be nervous. You should actually be happy and excited! And you will never know until you go in and do it.


I felt like I was alone with the diabetics with money issues area. ha. I feel like being so young it is so hard to save money for things because the majority of my money goes to my betes bills :P yeah, insurance helps, but it is still very expensive.

I was lucky i have my fathers medical insurance (he is a retired marine) but it ends once i hit 21.. But i got lucky that they paid for my hospital bill (was almost 15k) AND i get all of my medications and insulins for free. (thank god) So i'm trying to save as much as possible for when i don't have it anymore...

But being young and having Diabetes is a deal breaker, especially when you have to buy your own supplies. : But keep on keeping on. 


Hey Cheyanne,

Having moved twice in past year, I wanted to write and give you some advice. First and foremost, you should just do it. I was very nervous about moving, not just for diabetes reasons, but like you said, the whole new people, new place thing. You have to go ahead and just go for it though. You gain new perspectives and figure out what you really enjoy. If you find that your old spot was pretty good, well you can always move back. Now, as for finding a new doctor, I would recommend a few things. When I moved, I initially kept my old doctor. Now, this was tough, but good communication on the phone and through email allowed me to transition to a new doctor and new location with ease. Think of it as a long distance relationship with a significant other. It is probably not the best idea in terms of the relationship, but if you are devoted you can make it work. Some of the resources that I used to find a new doctor were this website, my old doctor(s), and my insurance company. I first called my insurance company and had them send me a list of doctors that were covered by my insurance. From there, I called old doctors, asked people on message boards, and used a plethora of websites that rate doctors ( is a good one). Sometimes you are going to have to test out a few doctors. That can be frustrating, but as I am sure you know, having a doctor that you are comfortable with is extremely important.

Let us know how it all turns out for you.



Thank you so much Dan :) your advice is really going to help me make everything go smoothly. You guys are giving me the encouragement to really want to make this move. Thank you :)