This irked me a bit

A boy I like likes to complain to me about his problems. One day I was upset (I'm nearly positive you know the reasons. I'm okay most of the time, but every once in a very long while, it gets to me.) and I wanted to talk to him. I didn't even get to finish when he stopped me and said "Listen, I know you have diabetes, but this kid threw my water bottle into the student parking lot and I had to go all the way there and get it and come al lthe way back." I can't stand it when people fuss over things like that, and just wave it off when you want to talk about a real problem. Needless to say, I was in a huff for a good bit of the day after that.


D'ya dhink he just doesn't care, or was it a momentary laps in judgement?

Thanks for the input!


hey cat..

um.. well, guys can be like that sometimes..  you should try to talk to him again about it, if you want.  If the kid does it again then he doesnt care,  if he likes you or wants to be a friend he'll listen. 

It could be a laps in judgement you never know,  just try again.

perhaps he doesnt understand what type one diabetes really is. maybe, (like some people) he thinks you got it from eating too much sugar, and therefore disreguards it because he believes you have no right to complain about something you caused. next time you talk, you should bring up diabetes in a casual way like "you know what diabetes is right?" and then ask him to explain it back to you. most of the time, people just dont understand. i know from personal experiance and it gets soooo annoying! hope this helps!!!

Thanks! I'll try that! It's basically just the same song and dance at school, evplaining everything all the time. I was really really releived when I went to my friends party and found a girl there that was one year older than me, used to be border line, and knew pretty much everything about diabetes, stem cell, and insulin pumps! She even knew things I didn't know! It's always nice to be on the other side of the fence every once in a while!

some people are just like that. But maybe he doesn't understand what diabetes is, and doesn't know how dangerous or just flat exhausting it can be living with diabetes. Maybe you should just inform him about it and let him know it is a little bit more important than him having to walk to get his water bottle