Thigh Injections

I was recently diagnosed (December 18) and have been trying to rotate where I inject, but I get bruises on my thighs almost every time I inject there. I’m more concerned that I’m doing something wrong which is causing the bruises rather than being concerned that they’re appearing. Any tips?

I doubt you’re doing anything wrong, it’s just part of injecting. Just make sure to rotate a lot since you’ll definitely bruise if you inject in a spot you’ve recently used.

You might also talk to your doctor about using something like the iPort. It’s small catheter that you inject in and can use for up to 3 days to inject into. Keeps skin from getting overused.

My son is recently diagnosed, too - we are working off a rotating schedule and trying to avoid shooting the same spots, but we also see bruising (especially on his thighs). Maybe it is normal … at least in some parts of the body?

I am curious about the iPort - I’ll have to Google it! Thank you for posting.

I have been type 1 for over 14 years. I have noticed that some areas bruise easier and even hurt more than other areas. Sometimes you may even hit a vein causing bruising. I think I have become more aware over the years of the spots to avoid just by trial and error. Even still, you will have bruising from time to time. I prefer shots on the back side of my thighs. Hope this helps!

I’ve been type 1 for 28 years and I go through various phases where I seem to bruise more than others. I rotate as much as I can and I try to be careful about my form when I’m injecting (making a smooth arc motion as opposed to a more abrupt jab, if that makes sense). It does help somewhat, but some bruises are just inevitable, even after all these years of practice!