The Military

I'm only 15 but I really wish I could join the Air Force when I graduate high school. A lot of my family has been part of the military and it really sucks that I can't. I want to join the Air Force but I don't even want to fly planes. I really wish there was some way the military could make it so that diabetics could join. It wouldn't be that difficult to adjust for us. I still have hopes that one day my dream will come true.

I have a lot of family thats been in the military to. One of my grandpas went to the U.S. army acadamy, West Point, and my other granfather was in the navy


I have a lot of family that was in the army. Then my Uncle was in the Coast Guard, my Aunt in the Navy, and my sister is in the Air Force.

wow.  My grandpa (the one in the army) is really hoping that i will join the military, and is going to try to convince me to apply for West Point.  Hes already tryed to force some military style things on me, like folding clothes and making ur bed.  Hes even taught me how to fire a gun.

My dad was a Us Army Ranger. and my whole life i wanted to be like him and join the military. i was utterly crushed when i learned i couldnt join up.

I know exactly how you feel. I was lined up to enlist in the Army this January and was diagnosed Last Oct. Then i found out that NOBODY in the military will take diabetics.. i really dont  get it!

The whole point is that we are considered a liability to the squad.  What if we ran out of medication while we  were on the front lines and couldn't get any because we were cut off from the supply line?  We would most likely die.  I know it stinks a little but ultimately it keeps diabetics from dying a painful death and the squad-mates from having to watch a fellow soldier from dying an unnecessary death...that's my opinion; like it or hate it.

I wanted to be a US Marin Corps. Sniper but the cruel hands of fate had other plans :(

I agree with you Matt, but what about desk jobs? They are certainly not in the front line..

That's true, it wouldn't hurt to let us have desk jobs for those who wanted them.  By the way, I was going to be a Navy Seal, the Elite!

I would have loved to have served my country, but they really should allow diabetics in there, becuse even if they are in the front lines, any diabetic who WOULD  join the military would keep control of their diabetes and add the extra 3 pounds of supplies to their equipment

Regarding military schools---I don't know what everyone's regulations are, but my husband teaches at Virginia Military Institute, a public college.  Last year a woman I know who worked in the admissions department of VMI for a decade was asking me about Aaron's college plans.  I told her that we had just been joking that afternoon about him going to VMI (for free).  She let me know Aaron would not be permitted to go to VMI because he cannot meet the physically demands of the ratline, being a diabetic.  She said that had even been legal battles about it, but the result is the same.  I don't personally have a problem with it because VMI is not really the place for Aaron anyway.  Just sharing.