The best April Fool's Jokes you play!

Got the kids off to school.......and sitting here laughing.  April Fool's Day is such a fun day in our house.  Thought I'd see what everyone does ~ and maybe give and get some good ideas!

This morning we did:

1.  Froze water and spoon in their cereal bowls then added cereal like normal.  

2.  Salt on their toothbrushes ~ that one was HiLaRiOuS (if not just a teeny bit mean)

3.  They put salt in the top of their dad's coffee dispenser.  Funny because he licks some off his hand first.

4.  Vaseline on the toilet seat, door knob.

5.  Last year we scraped out the middle of Oreos and replaced it with toothpaste.  Priceless.  Can't use that for a couple more years.

6.  The son thinks we put something in his shoes.  We didn't, but he kept saying his shoes felt squishy.  Told him we hoped nothing happened during school.

Happy Trickery!