Are there any members who are teachers out there????  There is now a group for Teachers with Type 1!! 

I'm not one yet, but my Master's program is set up so that I can become one by 2012, so you might see me in a couple of years.  :)

Angela started the type 1 teachers group and I have joined. It is near the bottom of the long page of groups so you will have to scroll down to find it. It will be interesting to have discussions involving hypos while teaching, how we handle diabetic students, etc. Please join if you are, or have been a teacher.

Am I allowed to join if I'm a speech-pathologist who has worked in schools? In Sept, I'm starting a new job at a private practice, but I'll still work w/ kiddos. (:

Your One of the Best kind of teachers Sarah :) Join that group :)

Sarah....you teach children how to speak.....you ARE a TEACHER!!!  Please join!

Ha, ha, thanks guys. Will do.

i have an expired teaching license. never used it because i went back to school right away, but dietitians are teachers too. :D

 You should Join that group too C :)  Go Teachers !!! :)

You had a teacher's license......and you are a dietician.....you TEACH, girl!!!!  Please join!!!!

Can I join!?  In 17 days I'll be starting my first day at the University of New Hampshire studying to be a special education teacher.  I'll be majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders, minoring in Education and Deaf Studies and getting my masters in Special Education.   :)   I've been wondering about how this whole diabetes thing will play a role in me becoming a teacher!  Things like, when it comes down to hiring me or someone else who have a comparable background and education, why would they choose me?  I'd love to hear other people's stories and experiences!

LauraJ ,They will the lucky ones to hire you.I'm sure they will look at your education and the person you are -I don't think d will play a part in it. It's a good point and I would like to hear what others say on that.My daughter will face the same thoughts one day.She is just starting college--The Best to you and you picked a wonderful field to go into-helping others that need that extra help in education...

I will be pleased to see all of you join if you teach now, have taught in the past, or are preparing to become a teacher. Angela and I will see you in the group discussions.

Laura J.......join the group!  We'll be glad to have you!!!