T1D & Turning 18

Hi parents :slight_smile:
My son , T1D for 5 yrs, has just turned 18. I have been thinking about him taking on more responsibility for his condition. He manages his condition by himself mostly. As his mum (dad too) what I do is get his prescriptions for him. I have a drawer in my room which is like his stock cupboard effectively. When the drawer runs low , as well as his insulin in the fridge, I have up til now, been the one who pops the prescription to the doc’s etc I then re fill the drawer and fridge and he does the rest. Is it appropriate for him to do the prescription part now? I’m not sure.
Also, his next hospital appt is due in a week- is it time for me to not attend these appointments? (He has attended a few appointments alone in the last year or so due to me and my hubby having work commitments) I ask not because I don’t want to be there (I do want to infact) but him going it alone (not without support…that’s there without question and I know he knows it thankfully) might ensure his takes complete ownership of the situation etc. Thats the place I want to see him getting to of course. He definitely isn’t taking full ownership of his condition which I am sure is common at his age, and even older too, but I really want to help work towards that goal. I wonder by him taking on his prescriptions, hospital appts etc by himself, will this help work towards this goal? (He isn’t going away to uni btw.)
Please let me know your thoughts…really appreciate them -thanks!

My son was diagnosed at age 18 so I understand totally about trying to figure out how much to step in and how much to take responsibility. As long as he doesn’t mind, I woukd recommend continuing going to his appointments with him, I find this is the best way to know exactly what is going on as the second-hand info I get from him when he does go to appts by himself is not nearly as detailed as I would like IYKWIM.

If you haven’t already done so, when you are at the doctor have him sign a release so that they can give you information, etc. My son’s endocrinologist office would not even let me schedule an appointment for him!

It wouldn’t hurt for him to start calling in his own refills. My son went away to college 6 months after his diagnosis, at first I did all his refills and mailed them to
him but now he mostly care of them himself. He also has ADHD which is not a good combination as he often finds himself running out of things and scrambling at the last minute :confused:

Thank you very much for your reply and useful tips! Much appreciated. Wow that would have been challenging for you I am sure - your son being diagnosed at 18 and then going away only 6 months later. Well done to you.
I like the idea of him signing a release so as to give me information etc. I am sure he will not mind that at all. I know exactly what you mean re them relaying the information to you. Far better to hear it yourself but I know in time he only has to take heed of the information given.
Yes, I am working towards him doing his won refills…small steps. For him to step up and for me to step down is a 2 way thing for sure and it is a work in progress…we will get there. Thing is , my son is not going away to university , so atm he is planning to be here for another year. Its all too easy to keep doing what I have been doing…him going away would have forced a change if u know what I mean. Evenstill I need to make the effort to make these small changes regardless and I will.
I guess its the same in terms of them stepping up to take care of themselves in all other ways too…washing/ironing/hoovering their room…let’s not go there…small steps!! (tbh he’s pretty good in that way, his rom is …ok…and he does help out with house chores too!)
One more thing if u don’t mind…is your son into clubbing & drinking? Would love to know. That’s really taken off for my son this summer and I am struggling with that whole scene esp in terms of his diabetes in relation to it.
Best wishes and thanks again :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So glad I could be of some help. No, my son is not at all into drinking or the party scene. He eyes my husband and me disapprovingly if we have wine or beer lol.

lol! :slight_smile: