T1D Recipes and Tips

Before I was diagnosed with T1D, I thought of foods mostly as “healthy” and "unhealthy”. Cake and cookies were unhealthy, and quinoa and rice were healthy. After I was diagnosed with T1D, suddenly the entire way I had to think about food shifted. One day quinoa was a “super food” and the next day it was a carb-counting nightmare for me that almost always resulted in a blood sugar roller coaster. As a new person with T1D, I had to re-wire my brain to not put food in categories of “good vs. bad”, but to look at how my body reacts differently to different foods and how it makes me feel holistically.

Something that really helped me was documenting what I ate, how much insulin I gave, and then what my blood sugar did afterwards. Through all of that trial and error, I’ve learned that I always have to bolus 15 minutes ahead for any candy or desserts, and that for foods high in fiber I personally should bolus right after eating.

What has worked for you when it comes to thinking about food and planning your meals? If you have any recipes you think are really great, send them to us here: T1D Resources - JDRF

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