Symptoms to watch out for during workouts, especially intense workouts

Working out (Exercising) have many different effects on different people.  It really depends on the situation.  From my experience, it depends on the type of workouts I do and how competitive they are.  I play soccer and basketball mainly while lifting weights on my own daily.  I will split each sport up to how my sugar levels react to how I play

Soccer and basketball - I noticed that when playing in a really competitive game, like close 1-1 game in soccer or going back and forth in bball, my sugar levels tends to spike up sometimes.  This can make your movements lag and slow down your reaction times.  It can also cramp up your body during intense games.  It depends on how high your sugar levels go.  I usually try to play with my sugar levels at 110-125.  It gives your body space to let the sugar levels go up without having any problems. 

There are times when my sugar goes down also.  Burning a lot of energy will take a lot away from your body.  This happens in all sports.  Basketball will take me down quicker than soccer for some reason.  It might be because I am lifting a basketball for a shot all the time, which is kinda like weightlifting, which I will get to next.

Weightlifting - Whenever I weight lift, I always bring a bottle of gatorage (G2 are the best because it is half the carbs of a regular body, and it wont take your sugar levels up too high).  The reason for this is because weightlifting will put a lot of strain on your muscles and need lot of energy, which is where the carbs come in.  Every time I weight lift, my sugar always go down.  I do the normal 3-5 sets, average of 8 reps for each set, 20-32 sets a day with some variety of exercises in there.  It is a good idea to have somebody with you for backup just in case you really run low on sugar.  But a protein or candy bar or a sports drink should be your buddy all the time. 

This is not a problem for me really because if you keep your sugar levels at a normal level before you start exercising, most likely you will not get low or high.  But when it does happen, be prepared.  When high, your movements and focus are slower and your body tend to cramp up.  When low, pretty much same thing, but with no energy and barely able to move.  You should recognize these symptoms and tackle it hard. 

Do not let diabetes stop you from exercising. Or anything else!

i also use gatorade when i exercise. I find i have a tendency to go low.

Hey Mikey,

That is some really great advice. If I am running a bit on the low side  I sip Gatorade as well. I also bring juice in case I go low and gatorade isn't really doing the trick. Are you on a pump?



I do not use a pump.  I just give myself regular insulin shots every time I eat.  I use novolog for fast acting insulin and lantus for long term insulin.  My A1C level tends to stay around 6-7, but my last was 6.1.  So I am trying to finally get it down below 6 like a regular person.  I would be so happy if I did!!! 

You use a pump?  I am afraid to use a pump cause I work out all the time and my stomach is very sensitive so I do not want the pump to mess with my abs haha.

Awesome post!


I have such different symptoms when I'm doing different kinds of things. Going low while I'm driving feels so much different than going low if I'm on a tredmill.


Here's an article if you'd like to read more: My Symptoms for Hypoglycemia Are Always Different!



     On the bright side, it's a lot easier to tell when my blood sugar is getting low when I am working out than when I am performing more stationary activities.     I can feel my how my heart rate increases and my legs get kinda shaky.  Personally, I like to be self-sufficient and in-control; so those are some of the many times I really don't like being diabetic at all.  I don't like feeling so weak  and powerless when this happens, but I'm glad that there are usually people around to help if needed.