Survey for research on new potential insulin therapy

Hello All! My name is Clara and I’ve been a T1D for the last 3.5 years now, and as a grad student I am now working on very promising Type 1 Diabetes research for an artificial pancreas with Tufts University.

In our research process, we are trying to learn more about how different diabetics manage their blood sugars and how burdensome managing it alone could be with current insulin methods. If anyone would like to share their experience with us and how diabetes affects them, please find below a survey link from our research group. This would be incredibly helpful and would potentially aid this new therapy to get to clinical trials.

Also, if anyone would like to learn more about this artificial pancreas research or talk to me personally about your experiences with diabetes, please message me and I will be MORE than happy to talk and/or share this research with you. Thank you!

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I just submitted my survey responses!