Stretch Marks

So i’m using the MiniMed 630g insulin pump and I put it on my thigh just yesterday and now I got a trace amount of keystones and my bg have been in the 200’s- 300’s.

I have stretch marks all over my thigh. Does that effect my insulin absorption rate and should I change the site or wait the next 2 days?

@Racheltoner Can’t comment on marks. I have areas on my upper but that don’t absorb as well as other areas. If it’s from bad absorption then yes change the site. A wonky site isn’t worth the infusion set and reservoir.

Hi Rachel @Racheltoner, in the 1950’s through to the 1970’s I used my thighs for insulin injections almost exclusively - now insulin will not absorb there.
Be careful about staying at 300 mg/dl for another two days just because that is when your infusion set is due to expire. Try giving yourself the next - well calculated - correction/meal bolus with a needle & syringe in either an arm or abdomen; and check BG frequently. If the bolus you inject appears to bring your BG more in line, you can assume that your pump has a “bad” infusion site.

It could be the site you chose. But personally my doctor told me not to use my thighs with my pump. I have no issues with injections there but when I tried a pump site it went bad quickly and I ended up spending a night in the icu. I think it is different for everyone but that may just not be a good site for your infusion set.