I am 36 weeks pregnant and have the typical insulin resistance. Today though I have dropped into the 50's twice! And I really didn't feel low. I just noticed the baby started moving a lot, like almost violent movements that didn't seem like her normal moving. And when I checked my blood I was low. Is it normal for insulin resistance to suddenly drop towards the end?

And another note, I am actually on bedrest right now. I would think my insulin requirements would go up, not down. But it seems I am more sensitive to insulin the last day or so. Any ideas why?

I believe that is normal...  I had huge drops at 37 weeks (i.e. I checked my bg one night because I just didn't feel right - it was 19 mg/dl.  ???!!!).    I had appt with my perinatologist the next day and he wasn't concerned but said it was a sign I was getting close.   I had my first daughter induced one week after that at 38 weeks exactly.    Same thing happened with my second daughter, although not to the extreme of the first.  Started seeing lows at 37 weeks.  

You should probably call your docs just to be sure!   Could be a sign things are moving along.

I'm 35 weeks and forget what it's like to feel low! Definitely let us know what the doctor says!