Strange Symptom, need adivice

About two weeks ago my right hand begin to tingle like it was asleep, but only when it was in certain positions. As soon as I move my arm I can make the symptom go away. Does this seem diabetes related to anyone?

Brad @BredStrawn,

You tingly hand could be diabetes related, but tingly feelings in extremities are not a diabetes exclusive. I often experience feelings like that in my left hand after I’ve been bike riding for about an hour 0 I “fix” that by raising my hand above my head for a moment and wiggling my fingers - yes, I’ve been asked by people following me what that hand signal means.

It concerned me enough to consult with my cardiologist for my peace of mind.

Thanks Dennis. It is definitely a strange and sudden onset. The reoccurrence and specificity of the symptom (right hand only, left hand doesn’t experience it even if I place it in the same position as the right) concerned me.

I have mild carpal tunnel in my right wrist and my hand (usually just half of it) will randomly go numb. Numbness in your hand/s can be a symptom of carpal tunnel. I bought a wrist brace and use that (mostly at night) during flare ups and it really helps prevent the numbness. But I would recommend talking with your family doctor if your concerned though.

Talk to your doctor about it. My husband has Type 1 and developed a repetitive stress injury in both wrists from work that he was doing, which required minor surgery to correct. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of diabetes is that one who has it will develop repetitive stress injuries much more quickly than one who does not.

Something like that happens to me, too, but my CDE said it has nothing to do with the diabetes and wasn’t worried about it at all. She just thought it was funny. If I lie on my stomach my arms fall asleep. My right arm got so numb once that I couldn’t move it. My right arm also falls asleep when I’m using my laptop but my cat has squished herself between me and the computer (like right now). Something about typing around her makes my right arm fall asleep (like right now).

Ive occasionally gotten tingling and numbness in parts of my hand or in a finger or two when my blood sugar gets low. You’ve probably already done this but I would check your sugar when it happens just to rule that out

I’ve actually had this problem too! Typically for me it’s a sign of low or dropping blood sugar, but I have occasionally had times when that hasn’t been the case. I’m not sure why that happens but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has it. :slight_smile: