St. Cloud Minnesota Area


I am looking for anyone in the St. Cloud Minnesota area that is diabetic or has children with diabetes.  I am having problems finding anyone in the area to talk to or a support group.


Sorry to say but we are down in the twin cities.  I know we have a support group at the childrens hospital during the school year down here on the first or second tuesday of the month.  Have you tried calling the local hospitals or your endo clinic to see about support groups.

You're only an hour away from the diabetes center at Park Nicollet.  I went there as a kid from about ages 4-8 and it was wonderful.  The facility attracts top physicians in the field and is the headquarters for diabetes educators to get their continuing education hours.   My guess is that they still offer activities and support groups for type 1 kids and families.

Yes, we do go to Park Nicollet.  Actually the Doctor's from there come to St. Cloud once a week so we can actually see them then.  They are not aware of any groups in St. Cloud either.  Thanks for responding.

I live in Minnetonka, one of my friends is from St. Cloud, if you friend me, you can friend her!  Her parents still live up there.  I am sure they would all be willing to help! :)

Thanks Angie.  I accepted your request.  Any help I can get from anyone would be so wonderful.