Splitting Up Lantus

I used to take 22 units of Lantus at bedtime but would have higher than wanted BGs.  My endo told me to split them up and my BGs have gotten a ton better. Now I take 10u in the morning and 12u at bedtime.

Only problem is that.. I'm forgetting the morning one sometimes?? Does anyone do this with their lantus or take it 3 times a day and have overcome the forgetfulness of it all?

I need some tips on how to remember or something.


I take about 20u of Lantus every morning.  I sometimes have high BGs as well but my doctor has never mentioned anything about splitting up the dosages, please continue to update your progress splitting it up is successful for you.  Thanks!

I really like splitting it up..

At first my endo told me to change my ratio for morning and lunch bolusses cause I was using 1:15 for each meal but they said to back off and try 1:20 in the morning and for lunch cause my blood sugars were lower.. but instead the doctor finally tried splitting it up so that it could cover 2 birds with 1 stone.

So now I have less hypos in the morning and before lunch and my dinner BGs are lower than they were.  I still use 1:15 for every meal and it seems to be working well enough.  I still have unexplained hypos in the morning sometimes but it's mostly regulated now, just need to overcome the fact that I forget to take my lantus in the morning alot and then come lunch time I wonder 'Did I take my lantus this morning....' =/

If I DO forget.. can I take my lantus at lunch without it making much of a difference??!

When I was on insulin shots Andree, I would have to set alarms on my cell phone...sounds kinda silly but it helped :)

Right that's a good plan.  I was thinking I should use a sharpie and put a notch on my disposable Lantus pen when I take it.. but then I thought, I'd have to remember the last # of notches so i could know where I'm at.  I'll have to work out a system. lol

If you forget in the morning I would definitely take it at lunch, but take a little less than you normally do so you dont end up with it piled up.

Thanks everyone, good advice.

If it's in the morning, you could try putting a stickey-note or something on your bathroom mirror.