Snow bunnies and ski bums

Next weekend my 15 year old and my 13 year old are going skiing for the first time.  (My husband and I have never been skiing.)  So, this means it is my 15 year old's first time skiing and as a diabetic.

My question:  what should he have in his ski jacket while skiing (related to diabetes).  Glucose tabs. Would one ski with glucagon zipped in his jacket?


I am an avid skier, and always take glucose tablets as you mentioned.. and that's it! Mostly because I rent a locker (indoor) to keep the rest of my stuff (meter, snacks, insulin pen) easily accessible. I am on the pump however, so I don't worry about lows as much as some might. I personally wouldn't take glucagon with me in case for some reason it falls out or gets broken. A lot of times when I was younger, my mom would stay in the lodge while I skied, and hang onto my stuff. Then, every few hours I'd come in for a snack and to test my BG.

Medic alert in case of a problem?

Haven't been skiing as a diabetic, but how about telling the ski patrol.

Take less insulin.  Eat more snacks.  Skiing can be hell on your blood sugar.  I'm a skiier and I often eat 1/2 a power bar every other run up the lift.  I bring a fanny pack with juice and power bars and my tester.  Sometimes I test on the lift.  Some testers don't work very good in the cold though.

Mainly the first time especially be very careful with the BS.  Test often and eat snacks.  Last time my duaghter and I saw a fellow diabetic being treated by the ski patrol people.  He was obviosly low.  I gave them a tube of glucose but I think they ended up taking to the medical office there.  I'm not trying to scare you, just be careful and have fun.

I have been living and skiing in Colorado for the last 14 years and am diabetic.  I don't like to be too far from my meter and getting back to the lodge is not always easy so I keep a meter in an inside pocket of my jacket.  The OneTouch UltraMini fits well and is not bulky.  That seems to keep it warm enough to work when needed.  I have not skied with my glucagon in my jacket but I do always have a couple of power bars (which can get hard from the cold) and the glucose tabs.

When I first started skiing I would check my glucose level after every two runs.  That would give me a baseline as to how much my glucose level would be effected by skiing.  Whenever I go now I usually only have to check before my first run, before lunch, and after I finish.  Make sure to take a few lessons and have a blast.

I've been skiing my whole life with diabetes.  I keep my meter (OneTouch), glucose tabs and/or glucose gel, and glucagon with me.  I'm not sure if he'll need glucagon though, because he'll just be learning and definitely won't go far from the base of the mountain (I'm assuming).  His coach/instructor could always keep glucagon, though.