Skin Irritation

I have been wearing the Minimed CGM for a few months now and am constantly getting blisters.  I used the IV3000 tape first and got really bad blisters (bleeding).  When I ran out, I switched to the foam tape that Medtronics has.  That has also caused me to have blisters.  The edge of the transmitter is rubbing my skin and after 4 days or so, it begins to blister.  Any suggestions?? Any and all help would be great!!

Brandy, I too use the MM CGMS and have found that if I use a piece of folded Kleenex or a folded gauze pad UNDER the transmitter part, it greatly reduces the irritation when I remove the tape.  I've used paper towel, Kleenex, gauze pads, even a dried out alcohol swab..anything that it CLEAN and mostly sanitary should work.  I find that I only have to fold it so that it keeps the transmitter somewhat elevated.  So for me, I put the sensor in,. do my pre-taping, add the transmitter, put the padding under the transmitter portion, and then tape everything down securely.  For me, that includes putting paper tape like and 'X' over the transmitter and sensor, then covering it all with a cut piece of Tegaderm HP, then adding a few crossed strips of HypaFix tape to keep it all tight (3 strips over the transmitter and extending over the edges of the Tegaderm.  Gives me a secure tape job for 6-7 days until I have to recharge the transmitter.

I also found that I had less irritation when I started using a prescription lotion called Desonide.  It helped reduce the itch.  I apply it prior to attaching transferor and then again if I can successfully remove the transmitter and get a few more days beyond the recharge.  Has cut down on the itchiness problem for me.

Hope this helps.

PS...everyone has a different taping technique...some prefer the Opsite Flexifit tape....I found it did not work well for me, but       everyone is different!

Michelle, MM722 and CGMS

Thank you so much for the information.  I will definitely have to try that.  I have one more question though,  how long do you wear your sensor?  The person who trained me wasn't very well educated on the material.  She said that it is 3 days but that the FDA was about to approve it to be worn for 7 days.  However, she also told me that it will probably bleed and that was normal.  After I got the hang of it, it hasn't been bleeding so I figured she just did it wrong.  This is so new, I don't have a lot of people to talk to about it and I worry that I am doing something wrong.  Thanks!

Hi Brandy.  For me and my MM CGMS,  I can USUALLY get 12-15 days out of a sensor.  Not all of them are that lucky!  The trick is to learn to detach the transmitter without disturbing the sensor! 

For me, I remove most of the tape (by cutting it away) and then hold the sensor tight against my skin as I remove the tape from the transmitter.  I remove the transmitter while holding the sensor down in my skin.  Plus the transmitter into the recharger and let it charge until the lights stop flashing.  Sometimes I attempt to remove the excess tape on the sensor...but that can vary on how lucky I feel!  I do make sure the sensor is securely attached to my skin before moving around while the transmitter is off.  Nothing worse than having the sensor come out because you moved while the transmitter was off!  Once the transmitter is recharged, just pretend you're doing a new sensor.  Attach the transmitter, put the pad beneath it as discussed in earlier post, watch for the flashing light, tape it all done and wait the 2 hours for the initial start up.  I usually leave the sensor option OFF on the pump so I don't get a lot of error messages.  After 2 hours, turn the sensor option on pump back on, and you should be asked for a METER BG shortly.    Make sure you pick START NEW SENSOR when doing the restarts after 3, 6, 9, 12, etc days.  It thinks it is a new sensor!  on each new sensor start, you will be asked for 2 calibrations within the first 6 hours.

One other suggestion...there is a very good CGMS group at and another good pump and CGMS list at that you might want to subscribe to.  Good info shared by all at those lists too!

Good luck.