Service Dog

I have a service dog and she has relieved so much stress from me and has made life so much easier. Her name is Nova Jane and she is amazing. Actually, she is in a contest to win a new bed on Facebook if you all could like her photo and share, that would be so amazing! Thanks you guys! If anyone has any questions about Diabetic Alert Dogs, let me know!

Hi please could I have more info about your service dog. I was diagnosed in 1950. My brain no longer reacts to low BG’s. BG can drop as low as 40 and I am not aware of the problem until it is too late. Night time is a huge problem.
Who trains the doggies and what about high BG’s, say greater than 170.

I am in good health, however as one gets older control becomes more haphazard.

I also would like to have more information! My daughter is 4, but was diagnosed when she was 2. About half of the time I can tell when she is high or low, just by looking at her and her behavior. However 50% of the time is not enough. We tried a CGM when she was first diagnosed, and it was not accurate and she hated it. Every time it was time to change it, she would scream and cry and my husband would have to pin her down so I could put it on. We decided to not torture and traumatize our very young daughter anymore than she has to be, being a T1D. She has a pump and loves her pump, but still remembers the horrors of her CGM and refuses to let us try it again. I recently read the book “Elle and Coach” about a diabetes dog, and I am hooked! I’ve also seen things online about 6 and 7-year-olds with diabetes dogs. Since my daughter had been diabetic for more than half of her short life so far, she is so used to being high and low that she doesn’t know how she is supposed to feel, and cannot voice it to me (or anyone else). She is in preschool this year for half days and will go into elementary school for full days next year, and I am scared about her having lows and no one knowing because they don’t know my daughter, and she will be in a class with 30 other young children so the teacher will not be paying close attention to her. How old were you when you got your service dog? Which organization did you go through? Any info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

I also have a Diabetes Alert Dog (DAD). I was diagnosed with T1D 33 years ago and have hypoglycemia unawareness. I had several car accidents because my blood sugar dropped so low that I blacked out while driving. I learned that a DAD could smell rises and falls in blood sugar and let me know before I got too low or high.
I have had my service dog for 3 years and my life is tremendously improved. He was trained to alert me when I am below 80 or over 180, and will alert me if I am rising or dropping quickly. Since getting him, I have not had any low sugar black outs. Not only are my sugars under better control, but I have regained my independence and my husband is not afraid to leave me alone anymore. My quality of life now is fantastic. I highly recommend you doing your own research about DADs. They can mean the difference between life and death. But know that not all places that train DADs are reputable. So research, research, research. The company I used is a non-profit called Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, and they have been amazing. Their website is if you care to look them up. They deliver the dog to you and come back every 3-4 months to continue training for up to 2 years after placement. Murphy is a fully trained service dog and goes everywhere I go- to work, shopping, out to dinner- everywhere. Good luck to you!

I’ve been looking at a dog for my son also but they are so expensive and I just don’t have the money. and they don’t have any diabetic dogs in Michigan. and with what I’ve read you have to have your sugars under control and my son is always high, and feels bad when he is actually in the good range. but I would love to know more about the dogs.