Seizures and police

I’m so terrified I’m going to have another hypoglycemic seizure. Twice last year police handcuffed me while I was seizing and caused enormous scarring on my wrists and loss of mobility in my wrists, and I suspect they kicked or beat me while I was unconscious, too.

I just got a Mini-Med 670G CGM and pump, but they don’t appear to be a great solution. Apparently the cops and EMT’s ignore my medical bracelet. The thing doesn’t seem to alert “first responders” not to attack me instead of treating the hypoglycemia. Now what?!

I’m in shock that police would handcuff anyone who is seizing, regardless of the reason! Did these events involve the same police department? If so, get in touch with the chief. If that gets you nowhere, see if there is a governing body that oversees the police (in Wisconsin, each city has a Police and Fire Commission). You might also check with your endo/CDE or the JDRF to see if they have educational material geared to police and first responders. I personably gave up on a medic alert bracelet last year, and now have a tattoo on my right wrist that identifies me as having T1D. People generally notice it right away, so I’m hopeful the first responders will, too. How long have you used the pump and cgm? If it’s fairly recent, give yourself time to adapt. Many of our bodies are resistant to change, and it takes some patience and experimentation to make things work right.

I just got the CGM Friday. The tattoo sounds like a good idea. I have no idea what the NYPD is up to. I guess the last time I had a seizure

Paramedics and police ignoring the medical bracelet has been a big problem in the past. The tattoo is a fantastic idea!

I had a cop tell me to put DIABETIC on my ID/Drivers License. Just use a label maker with a big font and stick it out of the way on the front. It has worked for me.

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