Retinopathy with good control

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I was diagnosed w/ T1 seven years ago, and since then I’ve maintained an A1c 5.5-6.7. I was super disappointed to learn at my opthalmology appointment today that I have mild non-proliferative retinopathy of my left eye, especially since I feel (like I know y’all do) that I’m really trying my best (and usually doing ok at it).

Anyone else experience anything similar, or have advice or wisdom to share?

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Unfortunately, it does happen. There is also retinopathy without diabetes. Continued care of your bg may keep it from progressing. I see both an opthamologist and a retinal specialist (I don’t have retinopathy, but I have optical hypertension, lattice degeneration and occasional retinal tears due to extreme myopia). Request a second examination if needed to get a real idea of what’s going on.

Also, non proliferative retinopathy is a little more common and with care may not progress to proliferative

Hi Audrey @audge512 , a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation!

I’m not sure exactly which question you are asking - wisdom gained from diagnosis of retinopathy or if retinopathy is possible EVEN with “good control”.

I know of people “not diagnosed with diabetes” who have retinopathy diagnosis.
The wisdom I share about my experience since I was diagnosed with retinopathy on 1966 - yes 52 years ago, is that you should seek out the best ophthalmologist and follow her advice; there are really good treatment options and your prognosis is probably excellent. When I was given the diagnosis I was told that most likely I’d be totally blind within two years because at that time the only “treatment” was removal of the pituitary gland to possibly delay blindness.
I asked questions and was referred to a very progressive ophthalmologist in Boston who had a theory that IF, a BIG if, a LASER could be harnessed that it could possibly be used to mend the leaking blood vessels on the retina and also “kill” off growth of new vessels - the LASER heat used to cauterize. I volunteered as a guinea pig under a modified weapons grade ruby laser and still see fairly well; right now there are other very successful treatments.

Good luck to you, Dennis

Hi Audrey,

I have had many issues with my vision from cataracts, detached retina, retinopathy in both eyes and glaucoma in both eyes for 20 years… Like you, I work hard at taking care of myself and the best advice I can give you is continue working hard controlling your diabetes and do everything your doctors suggest to you. If feel their suggestions are not working for you, keep telling them, if they continue not to listen look for a second opinion because no one knows your body better than you.