Retina laser didn't work?

I had a laser surgery on my left eye back at the end of January.  (2nd surgery - 1st was 3-4 years ago).  I had gone in to get some new contacts, and that dr saw leakage in the macula and I was able to get in and see the specialist quickly and get it zapped.

Yesterday I was back at the optometrist for some more contacts, and she said it seemed to her that there was still leakage where the laser surgery was done.

Of course this makes me depressed and between this and a rotator cuff problem I feel like crap. 25 years with Type 1 - is this what the rest of my life will be filled with?

My laser dr never has follow up appointments - its always just "I'll see you in another 6 months" (or a year)

Has anyone else had to have a "fix it" revisit?

Do other people get follow ups?

Thanks, Wendy

After the surgery, it takes time (possibly months) for your body to reabsorb the leakage (or bleed).  So the fact that your opthomologist doesn't want you back for 6 months (barring any significant changes, that is) is completely normal...don't panic! I do find it strange that they are willing to fit you for contacts before making sure the issue  is corrected.You should definitely be seeing this doctor AT LEAST once a year due to the fact that you are  now developing long term complications (small blood vessel damage) from having diabetes for over 20+ years.  I have had very good outcomes with laser surgery, however did have to go on to have vitrectomies in both eyes when the "bleeds" did not reabsorb and completely blocked my vision. However, those surgeries were also successful!

The damage you have already done to yourself due to uncontriolled blood sugars, unfortunately cannot be undone, but keeping your blood sugars as close to normal as possible now will significantly help with future eye problems! Best of luck to you!

I have had the full routine of laser, cryo, even Xenon arc lamp (ancient and destructive!). My retina specialist used to track me every three months when I had active bleeding. I often had to have follow up treatment to get the last bleeders after laser. The cryo was used to stop ongoing bleeding in the scarred area where I had early Xenon arc. I do not know if it is suitable for seeing areas of the retina.

You shold have follow up within weeks or a few months,I would think.

I now see my retina specialist once per year, because I have been completely stable for the last 5-6 years. I attribute this to better BG control, and Omega-3 (3g/day), which he (and my cardiologist) recommended.

For serious bleeding and hemmorage, there is a new treatment called Vitrase, which can clear out the blood quickly and avoid vitrectomy. I lost one eye to hemorage before vitrectomy was viable. I am always ahead of the curve, in the wrong way.

I started having eye issues in 1975, after only 12 years with T1. Get the best retina specialist you can find and keep up with both your eye checks and control. Every additional treatment will take away some of your visual acuity and night vision, so avoiding them by taking all necessary steps to avoid worsening of the complication is the only answer..