Repetitive Rushing in Ears

Since diagnosed with T1D 4 months ago, I’ve noticed a repetitive rushing sensation in my ears, especially at night. It’s almost rhythmic, but doesn’t coincide with my heartbeat. I can make it happen by clenching my eyes shut really hard…except it happens when I’m not doing that. Last night it was making a crackling sound on one side. Does anyone else have experience with this?

@Lmolmen hi Lisa, in my opinion, start with the obvious-an ENT doctor can scope your ears and look for all things external. Good luck.

Hi Lisa @Lmolmen, diabetes can affect ears but only after many years; for me it was 40+ years living with diabetes before I was affected.

What you are experiencing could possibly be something serious and you should probably call your doctor and get an opinion - unless you have already spoken with the ENT Doctor as Joe suggested.
Yes it is a weekend. A 24/7 source of information is a nurse hotline - on the back side of your insurance card there often is a phone number.

Thanks, Joe and Dennis. I’ll get it checked out. - Lisa

Lisa - Make an appointment with a hearing specialist (ENT) and have an audio/hearing test done.

You might have started to experience Tinnitus. If you end up being being blessed with that you will have it forever. There is no resolution to that malady.

I’ve had it for about 15-years. Pain in the backside, but I just deal with it.

Fingers crossed that is not the situation in your case, but get it checked out.

If it makes you feel any better I can’t remember a time when This

Lisa, my family practice md told me to try
OTC melatonin. It seems to help the”speaker static like” noise I had.:smirk:

Thanks, Nolan-Kienitz, Joe and Michael. I’ll see if the melatonin makes a difference, and it is indeed good to know I’m (we’re!) not alone. :blush: