ReliOn Prime sugar checker

I have been using this sugar checker for a while now. Today it has been anywhere from 23-53 points off within a 2min period. I am asking if I should buy new but same brand or buy new different brand? I have no health insurance

Tiffany @tiff1481, I just did a little research remembering that I had recently - recent for someone my age is years - read a few articles about meters. A Glucose Meter is considered “accurate” even if a reading is off by +/- 15%. I’ve attached below two articles you may be able to use to get the best bang for your buck. Keep in mind that very often you can get a free meter because manufacturers make their money selling check strips. Speak directly with the pharmacist at the Walmart where you have been buying your strips and s/he may have some good advice/deals for you. The “Relion CONFIRM [Micro]” receives one of the highest ratings. I remember the days when I couldn’t afford these supplies.

The “meter accuracy” lists at this link was published in Diatribe and gives a % rating for many meters. The meter you have gets pretty good rating compared with many other meters. Diatribe, by-the-way is a very good site with much current information - every week I get their email. The link:

This next link is from a recent issue of diabetes Forecast Magazine [American Diabetes Association] and lists dozens of meters, their cost and the per strip cost - will allow to you plan ahead and budget. the link:

Hi! I’ve heard that meter is pretty good. Maybe test with the control solution to see if you possibly have a bad batch of strips.

As for testing without insurance… there are subscription plans like MySugr, One Drop, Diathrive and Accu-chek To among others.

I’ve been using Diathrive for six months now and love it. I’ve had no problems and I am able to get strips cheaper than with my insurance. Worth a look! The meter they send is the On Call Express.