Really wierd question!

Okay, I know this is really random...but does anyone else notice that when they're low certain foods taste AMAZING...or is this just me?  for example, when i'm low orange fanta, lettuce, bbq, olives, and saltine crackers (to name a few) taste awesome...

okay...randomness over.

I have noticed this too. For me, I always want graham crackers and peanut butter when I'm low. At the diabetes camp I go to, if we are low during night check, then we get either juice or tabs, and then we always get a pack of graham crackers and a thing of peanut butter to stabilize us. So, whenever I'm low at home, I want GC&PB.

I also love having apple juice and Kudos bars when I'm low.



I miss PBC's (peanut butter crackers)!!!. Can't wait to get back to camp this summer. I always crave them when I'm low but never keep them in my dorm room.

hahaha i've definitely noticed that! for me, EVERYTHING tastes better...once i was babysitting and went low, so i grabbed some reese's PB cereal out of the cupboard and i thought it was delicious (it was my first time trying it)...the next day i grabbed some just for a snack and i realized it actually was not good at all...haha weird how that works eh? :) 

Haha! I love this question!!!! I crave something salty and sweet when I am low- specifically- pretzels and chocolate- at the same time BUT not chocolate covered pretzels haha....I like mixing the two.


and the chocolate- I am specific--- tootsie rolls! I have a huge bag of tootsie rolls sitting in my night stand, occasionally I see my boyfriend snacking...haha... :-D



tootsie rolls and pretzels

Im with you Sarah! I love Kudos bars!!

I have been told that when i am low people are amazed at how fast I eat! But the weird thing is for me, I can not smell or look at fruit punch of any kind because when I was younger thats what my parents would give me in a juice box if I was low. To this day the thought of having to drink it almost makes me sick!

Yeah!! Totally! I love eating fizzers(toffee sweets with sherbit in) when I'm low, normally it just tastes really crap and sour!

I love peanut butter and jelly!!!

This has been for me a double edged sword, in respect to not eating too much. But yes, food tastes GREAT when your body is craving it's nutrients! :p Apple juice, aw man, when im low is so good, mango juice is unreal...seriously.

Opposite for me! I wish foods tasted better! Haha. My mouth tends to go a little numb, so food tastes like nothing when I'm low. :(