Ready for School

I am wondering how you or your child carry around diabetes supplies at school? Do you leave them in your locker or carry them with you at all times? My 10 year old carries a CARQI Sling Bag. I just found out that she is embarrassed by it. But, I know it’s important to at least have her tester and some type of candy with her if she feels low on the other side of the school. Any thoughts?

She is on an insulin pen so she has her pen, tips, tester and Starburst with her in her bag.

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I’ve had T1D since I was 7. For the first few years I just kept the supplies in my desk since I didn’t have to switch classrooms at all; once I started taking advanced classes where I had to move from place to place, I bought a cute patterned purse (LeSportSac is my favorite brand, but there are many others of course) and kept my supplies there. It helps to carry other little things in the purse too–maybe lip gloss or even some candy to share with friends–so it’s less “noticeable”.

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Hi. My daughter, 15, carries her supplies in a lunch box size cooler sling bag. Lots of kids use them at her school to carry their lunch in, so she doesn’t feel so different. But at junior school, the bag did make her more noticeable, so we made it fun - bright pink. She also uses pens, and refuses a cgm, so having her kit on her at all times is essential. We found an Apollo Walker when we were in the UK recently. It looks like a pencil case and can carry insulin pens and the Hypo kit and testing kit.( Lots of pics if you google it.) We haven’t put it to use yet, but it would be much less obtrusive. I hope you find a solution for your daughter. All the best.

Her tester and fast acting carbs are essential. She can leave the rest in her locker. :blush:

I carry my medicine in a sinch bag that has my school logo.

My son uses a fanny pack in elementary school, now I’m middle school that ain’t happening. He has the omnipod so has to carry around a bulky, and expensive PDM which is also his meter, pen and strips. He usually puts them all in his pockets, which scars me that he can loose something, or carries it in his regular bookbag he takes to all classes anyway, they don’t have lockers. In his bookbag I also make sure there is an extra kit of starburst, cereal bar, xtra test strips and checker. I think for a girl it might be easier as they have the option of carrying a purse.

Hey, I was embarrassed of my supplies when I was in elementary, middle, and even the beginning of high school so I understand the struggle. What I found worked the best for me was keeping my supplies in my backpack. Carrying a backpack around is the least “suspicious” thing you can have at a school of any level, even college!

The only thing that I actually needed to keep on my person at all times was a small pack of glucose tablets or the even smaller glucose gel. I have used this method since freshmen year of high school and have even introduced it into my new college diet, it works great for me!

Hope this helps, Zach

I find that everything I need fits in a pencil case. Insulin pens, pen needles, meter, test strips, lancing device, and some smarties all fit inside. If desired, a calculator and pencils can also fit. They sell really cute patterned pencil cases now! Not just colored vinyl like when I was in elementary school.

No one in my middle/high school carried around their bookbags, we just left them in our lockers. I usually just had a stack of notebooks, folders, and a pencil case which was the norm for kids at my school.

I have two sons with T1D and we always started each year with a meeting with the elementary school nurse a day or two before school started. At that time we handed over all of the supplies to her and went through the plan for the day. The nurse was the keeper of all of the supplies for the year. The primary classroom teacher would stop in to the meeting, and we would answer any questions she had and give her a supply of emergency snacks to keep in the classroom. This usually got the year off on the right foot.

Get him a Dexcom ASAP