Rain and Insulin Pumps!

Sooo is it just me or does anyone else freak out when your outside and it rains because your worried about your pump?! Lol 

My brother has a football game tonight and it has been raining all day and night so far and they still play in the rain. My family and Myself are still going ti watch even if it is raining. I am very worried about my pump potentially getting wet and something happening.

I don't know, maybe im just a worry wort! 

Has anyone had a bad experience with rain and their pump?

Am i worrying for nothing?

Can something happen to it if it get wet? lol

Sorry for all the questions just freaking out a little bit lol


Rain shouldn't be a problem.  

What kind of pump do you have?  Some are water proof and other are only water resistant.  Theoretically a pump will only malfunction if there's a crack in the case that allows water in.  

I use a Minimed, which is water resistant.  The only time I had a pump malfunction is when I got dunked in the pool wearing it.    

Yes, I agree with you - you are a worry wart. You're not planning on being partially naked and leaving your pump out in the pouring rain, are you? lol  I wore my pump plenty of times in the rain. I usually had a t-shirt at least and in cooler weather a rain jacket. In the heat I would also often have an umbrella, but not always.

Hahah well thank you for confirming that i am indeed a worry wart lol and noo i believe i will be fully clothed for this event lol