soo once you start getting your blood sugars down to normal

is it normal to feel nauseated. I will be 7 and feel so so sick liek im about to throw up!


I think it affects people differently. I got stomach aches but they weren't bad unless I went too low. Otherwise they were just kind of there but not a problem. But I have a friend that's type 1 also and she gets terrible stomach aches like you describe. I think it's normal while your body is adjusting but it never hurts to talk to someone like your doctor or a diabetes nurse.

yes tummy aches are a huge thing for me too

I emailed my nurse but she is away till the 15 :( but i am goign to these diabetes educational classes next week at a hospital in my town and so I think ill ask there

I havent seen normal numbers in almost a year :S so im thinking its huge shock to my body. I feel super shakey at 7 too and i have to really pep myself to NOT eat something cause i feel so shakey

Had to jump in. LOL

It sounds like what happened to me when I was 1st dx'ed. Because my bs had been so high for so long that at normal(?), my body thought it had low bs. Shaky, my stomach felt like some kind of super butterfly inside and kind of weak. Once I got some control (bs in more normal) I didn't feel that way. My a1c was 13.2 so my bs had been high for a while!!!

 Hope you're feeling better!!!!

ugh unfortunately ive been a diabetic for a long time! so this is just silly of me to feel this way after so long but at least im getting back to healthy now :) better now than never!

[quote user="Tara"]

ugh unfortunately ive been a diabetic for a long time! so this is just silly of me to feel this way after so long but at least im getting back to healthy now :) better now than never!


happens to a lot of people through their life after diagnosis. it's not uncommon to get low symptoms even when your blood sugar isn't low, if you have been running high even for a few days while sick or for whatever reason. happens to me after i've been sick and running high or when i'm running higher because i need to adjust my insulin doses and i've been diabetic for 16years

once your levels are balanced and stable again, it should stop.


This happens to  me a lot. Usually if I have a really high number it takes the whole day for me to get back to normal....and by the time I do my body has gotten so used to being high that I'll be at 120 and feel like im at 40! Of course this makes me want to eat the whole house, which skyrockets my bloodsugar back to where it was before and the cycle starts all over again. It's the same with when I'm on the low side for a long period of time.

I call it bloodsugar detox because I'm finally coming down from a long high...haha.

Like others have said, the nausea is probably because your body is having a false low.  Those false lows can feel so real though!  Just hang in there and trust the meter readings.  You'll feel normal at 7 within a few days or so.   

Good job getting your blood sugars in better range. 

I had a low last night, well i was at 4 at 3 am. (canadian blood glucose )

and I was so scared i ate and ate. and i only went up to 11 which normally if i was normal and ate that id be in the 20's.

I actually call my blood sugars being high addicting. Im addicted to them  beacuse its the only time i feel "normal" right now.

Thanks, this is a huge struggle for me and more so because im so embarassed its gotten this bad. Its dissapointing to know lots of ppl out there manage their diabetes so well and then theres me, who its such a struggle for and i always just want to give up.

A lot of diabetics are afraid of lows and purposefully run high.  But it's not worth it because highs make you feel tired and hung over.  And you have to go to the bathroom all the time and feel fuzzy mentally.  So try to keep going with your lower target. 

Do you use a pump?  If so, suspend your pump temporarily until the low is over. 

It migh also help to pre-plan a couple of low blood sugar snacks.  I'm a fan of the individually packaged Rice Krispy Treats because they have quick sugar and are filling.  With 18g of carb they treat a mild low, but if you're starving or scared and eat a couple packs, it won't send you sky high. 

After time, you can train yourself to be more rational during a low and just eat a little, then test after 15 minutes and see if you're coming up or if you're still dropping and need to eat a little more.  Took me years to figure out how little I actually need to eat to treat a low.  I used to drink a giant glass of juice and eat a whole bunch because it felt right, but really it just perpetuated a cycle of highs and lows.  

You're doing really good.  Just keep going.

I feel it, I get really embarassed sometimes. I'll feel SUPER low and maybe get really flustered. Someone will say "AHem.... erm.... are you... low?"

I'll check... and be 140.


I've heard that you can feel if you're dropping quickly though, and sometimes I can tell that my meter may not think I'm low NOW but I will be in 15 minutes.


I think the toughest thing I've been trying to do is to eat only 2 starbursts when I'm low (versus... 15). I love rescuing a low and not overfeeding it! It's a major challenge though. Goodluck, all this is definitely a struggle, but we'll do it:)

its sad i dont feel tired or hung over when im high, well now i do when i reach over 15 which is HUGE because i could run at 26 and be ok with ti and now i feel severely sick when im that high.

i do not, i used to but actually i took advantage of it TOO much and also it gave me alot of ketones from the sites not delivering insulin right :(

Actually today I am going to get some of those dextrose tablets for my purse and hmm maybe i will pick up a box of those and haev them in my purse and room for just in case

Ya like when i was younger my mom was strick, 15 carbs, wait 15 mins, etc until fine. so i do know its possible but at thisp oint im just too scared.


and oh gosh, i get ridiculous when im low, i say the silliest things and i almost seem drunk!

Thanks for your support everyone, its great that im not alone alone in this evil battle! hha


If you 'feel' low when you are normal, try eating just 3-4 Skittles to kind of take the edge off. The little burst of sugar can help with the feeling but not raise your BG too much.

Tara you should be REALLY PROUD of taking better control of your diabetes. You might get a slightly skewed sense since many people on Juvenation do a great job of caring for their diabetes that you are in the minority by having a tough run of it for a while. But using juvenation is a tool they use to keep great control. There are many many people who unfortunately do not take good care of their diabetes. So you should really feel good about taking steps in the right direction for your health.

We are all here to support you and cheer you on! You are doing a great job.

My A1C was over 20% when I was diagnosed, and I had a lot of the same symptoms you are having. For the first month I was sick all the time, nauseous, and tired. I had false lows...astronomical highs. It was insane. Eventually after having my numbers pretty consistent and getting on insulin I wasn't allergic to all the sickness went away. My body was just so used to starving itself, it didn't know how to respond to food/insulin.

If your numbers have been running high and then you have a low (or even a good number within range) it might make you feel bad. I know when I was first diagnosed and put on insulin, I felt like total crap, even though my numbers were running good. I guess my body had adjusted to the higher numbers.